Video – New Fukushima Government Plan: Wholesale Dump Of Nuclear Fuel Into The Pacific

Josey Wales

How much radioactive water can the Pacific Ocean absorb? The damage that is being done to our ecosystem is irreverseable, the future of mankind is dependent on our Oceans. Why is mainstream media not broadcasting this, morning, noon, and night?

For those of you around the world that live on one of the Pacific Oceans coast lines, this is important information for you to understand. 400 tons of contaminated ground water each day is flowing into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.

Video - New Fukushima Government Plan Wholesale Dump Of Nuclear Fuel Into The Pacific

The space for contaminater water storage is finite, space has run out and something has to be done with the new water used to cool the reactors.

Japanese officials do have a plan but recently they put a hold on the plan until they have the local fishermans support for the new plan.

Now their new plan may reduce the flow by 25%, you will learn more about that in the videos I have included below.

Tepco is planning on dumping all of the radioactive water stored at Fukushima into the ocean.

The industry-controlled nuclear regulators are pushing for dumping the radiation, as well.

Kyodo: Gov’t to dump Fukushima plant groundwater into Pacific Ocean once plan approved — Senior Scientist Says: No one believes claims by gov’t labs or Tepco about releases, “there’s a shattered trust there.

Japanese Government Explains Groundwater Bypass Plan.

The Japanese government has sought the understanding from the nation’s fisheries industry to release groundwater into the sea at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
The government presented measures under a new policy to fisheries industry representatives on Monday.

At the Fukushima plant, groundwater flowing into reactor buildings coming into contact with water used to cool nuclear fuel continues to increase the amount of contaminated water.

The central government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, which operates the plant want to introduce a bypass plan for the groundwater.
The measure is aimed at reducing the amount of water flowing into the reactor buildings by altering the flow of groundwater.

The groundwater will be pumped up at the mountain side of the compound before it reaches the reactor buildings, where radioactive water has been accumulating, to reduce the amount that flows in. Then, the groundwater will be discharged into the sea.

Kyodo News, Feb. 3, 2014: Gov’t seeks approval for dumping Fukushima plant groundwater into sea — The government on Monday sought approval of a nationwide fisheries federation to dump groundwater at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex into the sea on condition that the water’s contamination level is far below the legal limit. The measure is intended to prevent toxic water from continuing to accumulate officials proposed a more stringent maximum contamination level for judging the safety of water for release, compared with the legal limit. They also said the radiation level of groundwater will be checked each time before releasing it into the sea and that the operator will stop pumping out groundwater.

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4 Responses

  1. ravenmaven says:

    Apparently when G.E. sold this to Japan one of G.E.’s top scientists recognized a design flaw in the units and resigned as an act of protest. But big business never seems to care about the environment or the lives of people involved….it’s all about the bottom line$$$
    The word on the web is that Netanyau called the PM of Japan a few months before the Tsunami and told him to cancel all of America’s debt…it was recorded, or else they would attack their nuclear power plants…COINCIDENCE??

    • Michael J. Marsalek says:

      Japan is the second largest holder of US debt right behind China. All of the gold belonging to other countries being stored in NY Federal depositories is gone. Just ask the Native American Indians, Osama bin Laden, Pervez Musharraf, Saddam Hussein and so many others how reliable the US is to do business with.

  2. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    Many people have been saying and more and more people are joining the chorus that Fukushima is the greatest global nuclear threat – not Japan. The radioactive containment measures at the plant have been a complete and total failure. Toxic levels of radiation are seeping from the plant and deliberately being discharged into the Pacific Ocean. Debris from Fukushima have already reach our Western shores and radioactive particles are raining and snowing down on the region poisoning the people, animals and the foods grown there. The entire northern hemisphere is in danger of being rendered uninhabitable. Flight attendants @ Alaska air are already suffering from radiation poisoning and arebeing limited in the amount of hours they can fly. So there are two reasons why Obama is silent on Fukushima. First of all, if the US can’t shoot it, it can’t fix it. Secondly, General Electric designed and built the fatally flawed nuclear reactors.

  3. ticktock says:

    When you have a nation/religion/race of people that are determined to cause massive death to the planet to further their “agenda”, what can you expect? Death and destruction, period. Everyone, excepting a few nations not under the chosenite control, can still think and act for the good of the people, which leaves very few with any monetary resourses and power/control to fight these evil snakes. The coutries doing absurd things are “controlled” by the banksters, not the people.
    Thereby the need to fight these insane psychopathic evil doers that have overtaken the earth. Just one agenda…………world domination at all cost!

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