Video: Pakistan Response to the Mumbai Dossier (in English) – Must Watch


BrassTacks Special Edition – Rebuttal of Indian Lies & Mumbai Drama (in English)

Here is a scanned copy of the 69-page dossier given to Pakistan by the Indian Government:

Mumbai Dossier | Download | 9 mb .zip format

Dossier response prepared by Brasstacks | Download | PDF file

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Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


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Part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11


Here is a scanned copy of the 69-page dossier given to Pakistan by the Indian Government:

Mumbai Dossier | Download | 9 mb .zip format

Alternatively download here in 3 parts: 1 | 2 | 3

BrassTacks Dossier on Indian Terrorism and Debunking the Indian ‘evidence’.
The entire Indian propaganda and lies have been exposed in this pdf document. Read and know for yourself things you never knew before. The entire Mumbai drama, its background, its motives and the players involved, with proof from their own sources, media and speeches. Circulate this far and wide and get it published wherever you can. This must be flooded on the web and passed to all contacts. Let the world see their lies exposed. May Allah (sw) Protect Pakistan.

Please download the PDF file by clicking on the link below:
BrassTacks: Dance of the Devil

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