Video: Police Torture Man To Death For Fun


Alex Jones

Editor’s note: The first video below is Alex Jones’ take on the horrific beating followed by the video released by the city of Fullerton, California.

The homeless man begs for daddy over and over, but only more suffocating torture and high voltage comes. The police enjoy their work and they do it well. With trained loving care the police hold the prey down and then Taser him over and over again, then crush his wind pipe, thorax, ribs, skull, jaw, and many other bones. It’s a tough job, but they love it. Your family is next…

RT posted the video released to the public of the murder:




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  1. jim may says:

    try to recall how many times over the years this exact scenario (murder by police) has occured (many, many), then try to recall a single time a pig has been held to account for their crimes. Nothing will be done here either. I am not psychic, just realistic. And I hate cops.

  2. Joe says:

    I am not questioning the horrendous actions of these cops. There was absolutely zero justification for what they did. But how does the author of this Post determine that the cops beat him to death “for fun” ? That is a pretty brazen assumption, unless the cops admitted to doing it for fun or they were caught laughing during the beating. If that isn’t the case, then the author loses credibility. No need to over sensationalize with spin.

  3. Dr.Word says:

    To prison with this cruel murderers!
    Thats why we, the people who arent perfect BUT have at least a heart have to be careful and stand together!
    Dont trust the goverment or the police, trust in loving each other!

  4. Chaos says:

    A Homeless Man sitting down on a bench…wow what a fucking threat he appeared to have been to those Fat ,Scum Bag Cops. The Victim screamed “I can’t breathe” about Fifty times, yet the Retard cops still couldn’t understand those words. I want to see the Video of all of those Scum Bag Cops getting sentenced for Murder, and getting beaten , tortured, brutalized and raped in prison. Dumb-ass people wonder why there are more and more Cop Killings…just view this video to understand why. The cops like our bullshit Government are out of control, and they don’t give a fuck whose lives they take while on their power trips.

  5. usawired says:

    Ramos is a fat pig and his partner with one eye is another freak of nature. Cops don’t deserve respect any longer in this nation. They are evil and when those that are supposed to uphold the law, derive pleasure out of someone else’s pain, mankind is doomed.

  6. Stan Sikorski says:

    The pigs need to pay. Trust no police. Liquidate when possible.

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