Video: Documentaries Proof that The War on Terror and Al-Qaeda are PHONY!


Is the war on terror for real? Or are we being fed an elaborate fraud that keeps us afraid, keeps the TV ratings up, and keeps our government powerful? Watch this if you’re not afraid to learn the answer.

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The War on Terror is Bogus (and so is al Qaeda)


Evidence that the U.S. Government Planned & Executed 9/11


Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist


Is It Too Late To Turn Back?


The Deepest Secrets of 9/11 (means, motive & opportunity)


Unusual Evacuations & Power-Downs in the WTC Prior To 9/11


9/11 Truth: In-depth Kevin Barrett Interview on Wisconsin TV


How Dick Cheney’s Lies Got America Into Gulf War 1


Dick Cheney : Ultrahawk, Neocon, Traitor




9/11 Was an Inside Job: Donna Marsh O’Connor Speaks Out


Al-Zarqawi – And his 77 virgins


9/11 Truth: Gods of Metal Worship


The End of the World


September 11


World Trade Center — Controlled Demolition


Airstrike On Al-Zarqawi


Trailer for “9/11: Press for Truth”


More outrageous Lies by Donald Rumsfeld *funny ending*


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How do you prove that a conspiracy theory is true or untrue?

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Video: Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist!

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Codename Operation Enduring Turmoil Exposed! – Neocon Plans for Pakistan and rest of the World

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  1. Nargess says:

    plz tell me where can I found those videos above such as ‘Documentaries Proof that The War on Terror and Al-Qaeda are PHONY!; they all have been removed from youtube!
    thank you

  2. Spider says:

    Dear pakalert guys, could you put these videos on to another website that is still free?

  3. Momin says:

    None of the videos are available. Sorry ass excuse” the video has been removed by the user”. Which user, the government or or the people behind 911. Democracy my foot. Free speech at work.

  4. Pa[k]triot says:

    from above, the first 8 videos are not available . the crappy message is that they have been removed due to terms of use violations. of the rest only a few can be accessed. that much for “freedom of expression.”

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