Video: Proof US Government & Military Are Run By Israel


Israel has its tentacles across the globe they are financed by USA citizens that like dumb animals give away billions while at the same time allowing Israel to decide who USA troops should kill next all countries around Israel are being systematically destroyed by Israel run USA government and military complex along with USA run NATO.



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  1. vljones says:

    Yeah the israeli and american citizen are the ones that suffering under the harsh, corrupt Governments. Slowly the citizens are losing their benefits, homes, jobs because of the government. Yeah what power does the ordinary citizens has. That is the bankers, elites, governments that doing these riots, wars, bloodshed all over. I seen that video when ordinary citizens in israel was living on the streets, barely can afford to pay their rent and can not afford anything because of the high cost of living. Yeah the Government are the real evil ones that doing harm all over the world.

  2. Karmen Nava says:

    As you use the word Israel and the US people conjure an image of Israeli evil citizens who support military brutality when in all truth (someone posted a video recently of thousands upon thousands of Israeli citizens protesting the abuse against them by their own government. The Israelis are living in forced poverty barely able to buy their own food. Even professional people can no longer pay rent for public buildings in which to run their businesses. Many have had their homes bulldozed and have lived in pup tents for years.r.

    Please write the truth because you are endangering the lives of innocent Israeli and American citizens who are against the wars and are victims of corrupt government leadership.

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