Video: San Diego Port Officer Says Nukes Have Been Found In An American Port


Editors Note: This appears to be some sort of psychological mind game that certain elements of our government are using on the people, almost as if they are prepping us for the reality of a nuclear attack in America.

The Intel Hub
By Alex Thomas

Al Hallor, the assistant port director and an officer with Customs and Border Protection has openly admitted that an unnamed government agency has found a nuclear weapon or weapon of mass effect at a U.S. port in the last year!

That’s right, an assistant port director has spilled the beans on a possible major government cover up. During the conversation the port authority press agent continually interrupted the officer in an attempt to get him to shut up.


Homeland Security was quick to “debunk” the officer, citing nervousness as the reason he made such a claim. Events like this make it clear that Homeland Security is far from being about actual security, instead they are a rogue agency dedicated to ushering in the police state.

“So, specifically, you’re looking for the dirty bomb? You’re looking for the nuclear device?” asked Blacher.

“Correct. Weapons of mass effect,” Hallor said.”

You ever found one?” asked Blacher.”Not at this location,” Hallor said.

“But they have found them?” asked Blacher.”Yes,” said Hallor.

The only thing this officer seems nervous about is telling the truth!


This is a very interesting story and we will do our best to do a major follow up in the next few days.

Are nukes and other bio weapons being smuggled into an America at an alarming rate? Has Homeland Security decided that we, the American people, do not have the right to know how much danger we are actually in?

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2 Responses

  1. Abaddon says:

    We now live in world that is nothing but a tower of babel. Confusion is the name of the game. False flag scenarios, red herrings, misinformation, disinformation, is it the Zionists, Muslims, illuminati, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, or Aliens from out there??? Whatever; we are all in deep trouble, who are you going to turn to? The best advice is to look after oneself, as we are responsible for our own welfare and those close to us. For that is what it will come down to.

  2. Moha says:

    There is little doubt in my mind that the Talmudic mafia is setting the stage for a Nuclear false flag op in the US, they already killed millions on US citizens either directly or indirectly through useless resource wasting wars, why stop now ? all they need is the right stimulus and average Joe would wrap him self into the patriotic flag and go proudly to hes death in some Muslim country

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