Video shows police officers repeatedly pummeling shirtless man in Jewish youth center in Brooklyn



A volunteer security guard at the center said he called cops because he found the shirtless man drunk and sleeping in the lounge of the center, which provides services to young Jewish adults.

Surveillance video shows police officers pummeling shirtless man in youth center.


Two police officers repeatedly pummeled a shirtless man in a Jewish youth center in Brooklyn after they roused him from sleeping and moved to arrest him, surveillance video released Sunday night shows.

Cops showed up at the Aliya Institute on E. New York Ave. in Crown Heights on the evening of Oct. 8 after receiving a call about a fight between two men, a community source told the Daily News.

But Zlamy Trappler, 24, a volunteer security guard at the center, said he called cops because he found the shirtless man drunk and sleeping in the lounge of the center, which provides services to young Jewish adults.

Two police officers, one male and one female, found the man sleeping on a couch, surveillance video shows.



The officers awaken the man, identified by, which first made the video public, as Ehud Halevi, who is swaddled in a white sheet, the video shows.

As Halevi gets to his feet, Trappler comes in, and Halevi appears to have a heated exchange with the cops and Trappler, who leaves. The exchange between Halevi and the officers intensifies, with the male cop removing a pair of handcuffs, the video shows. Halevi pushes the male officer’s hands away from his body, the video shows.

The officer then charges Halevi, the video shows, punching him in the face, while the female officer appears to pepper-spray him and beats him with what appears to be a truncheon.



After a two-minute beatdown, another eight police officers arrive and handcuff Halevi, who appears to be unbloodied, the video shows.

“I regret making the call. I should have let him sleep. It spiraled out of control,” said Trappler.

Cops charged Halevi with assaulting a police officer, trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment, according to

Police did not respond to requests for comment Sunday night.

The community source said Halevi had been allowed to stay at the Institute.

Sara Feiglin, wife of Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, who runs the youth center, confirmed the account given by The rabbi did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. gary says:

    Pretty bad, out of work, need a place to sleep, and instead of thugs stealing your few remaining items while you sleep, you wake up and get beaten by the police.

  2. Chaos says:

    Doesn’t the Jew York City Police Dept. know they are not supposed to beat on Mayor Bloomberg’s Peeps ? The Chosen People train the cops (through the ADL & JDL) to BULLY, Beat up and push around the Gentiles/Goyim/Cattle of Jew York . I guess it backfired, all that ZIONIST NEO NAZI JEW Paramilitary Training wasn’t supposed to be used on a Homeless Jew. You Fat Ass Pigs should find some White Homeless guy to beat to Death like the Fat Scum Pigs in Fullerton California. Kelly Thomas was just sitting there minding his own business just like the Homeless Jewish guy in this video. Amerika sure Loves it’s ZIONIST NEO NAZI PIGS UNDER RADICAL JEWISH CONTROL of the ADL, JDL, AIPAC, etc. You won’t think of them as “The Chosen People” anymore when they are crush your skull and beat you down NAZI STYLE for minding your own business.

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