Video: Strange Visitors Make An Appearance In Australia

Susan Duclos

SkyShipsOverCashiers delivers information of unusual visitor, possibly portals, and pictures of an astonishing light show, almost like “they” were performing for those viewing. From the skies over Surfers Paradise in Australia to the ground on those very same seashores, they fly, they appear on the sand, and high up above an item that looks like a portal opens up.

Video Strange Visitors Make An Appearance In Australia

The still images taken from the video shown below cannot capture the entirety of the magnificent performance shown throughout the whole video.

Well worth the short thee-and-a-half minute video that leaves you wanting more.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Lame. really lame and gay too! It is a time lapse picture of a helicopter flying by.

    Come on, really?

    Getting as bad as

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