Video: The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas


Reason’s video enumerating the TSA’s “12 Banned Items of Christmas” is a perfect, acerbic and funny list of the most egregiously stupid and arbitrary rules for American fliers. And as they point out, the TSA has never stopped a terrorist attack. But so long as we’re prevented from carrying on guacamole (but permitted to carry on avocados) and permitted to carry on pies (but not pie filling(, I’m sure we’ll be safe. And never forget this pro-tip: you can carry on as much liquid as you’d like so long as it is labelled “breast milk.”

 The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas

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  1. aj weishar says:

    We need separate flights for people who don’t buy into irrational fear. Let flyers vote with their wallets by offering unsecured, TSA free flights. The wealthy have already voted by switching from first class to charter carriers at no security airports. By the end of 2006, demand was outpacing supply. While flyers get scanned and groped for guacamole, mentally ill Americans are shooting up and bombing the folks on the ground.

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