Video: What This Woman Does to a Knock- Out Game Thug Will Surprise You

Amanda Shea

(Las Vegas, NV)  The “knock out game” has taken root in our country and is becoming a growing epidemic of entertainment for thugs.  It’s time to take a stand for self defense and fight back, as this woman bravely does in this video.  In an unexpected turn of events, the male assailant had the tables turned on him after choosing the wrong woman to knock out, and an on-looker captured the whole thing on tape.

Video What This Woman Does to a Knock- Out Game Thug Will Surprise You

In the video, a woman is seen walking through a shopping center on South Las Vegas Boulevard, near the Bellagio hotel.  Suddenly, the male suspect is seen running through the mall toward the female.  As he’s seconds from approaching the woman he’s chosen as his victim, the camera breaks away momentarily.  A few seconds later, it refocuses on an unexpected scene with the male attacker on his back and the would-be victim repeatedly punching him.

A male on-looker then comes to the woman’s defense to assist her in the retaliation, as he kicks the assailant near his face.  ”You just hit her bro,” he shouts, while the woman continues to strike the attacker.  Drawing a scene, people in the area begin to gather around, while the cameraman continues film it all.

“Oh s***. Dude he’s f***in—,” the cameraman yells. “His nose is bleeding dude. Oh my gosh.”

The “knock out game” has gotten out of hand and females are often made the victims of this brutality.  With more individuals fighting back, maybe we’ll see and end to this rash of attacks.

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4 Responses

  1. ajweishar says:

    This game is going to turn deadly when more onlookers begin defending the victims. There are a lot of older white folks with concealed carry and a variety of other self defense tools. In addition, white racists will start using this game as an excuse to attack minorities and claim self defense.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    It is simple, I would have not been so nice.

  3. ken snyder says:

    All the criminal elements in this society(niggers,jews queers, spics etc.)have come to the conclusion that they have free reign over white folks thanks to the nigger in the black-house but the day is coming when they will face the real wrath of the white race,as to what’s happened in Jacksonville,Florida recently……

  4. I hope some nigger tries that shit with me or some one near me. He will wish his mammy never spit him out of her. And don’t for a second think that this is a multi racial fad. This is a deliberate nigger activity. These monkeys are loose and aware of their protected status in society, so they are taking advantage of it. Well, until they run into opposition like in that video.

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