by Gordon Duff

How’s your blood pressure?  Meds doing OK?  Have you already forgotten the lies that got us into Iraq?  Americans have certainly forgotten the wounded soldiers and the disabled vets.  What we had really done is allow ourselves to put our sanity on the shelf for 8 years, not all of us, mind you but too many.

If you are one of those few who stood up from 9/11 onward saying that something was terribly wrong, that the nation was being hijacked by a pack of thieving bastards, go ahead and watch.


Pentagon’s Half-Billion-Dollar PR Budget to Sell Afghan War

by grtv

$547 million. That’s the Pentagon’s P.R. budget. They’re using it to spread mistruths and misplaced hope in ‘progress’ with one goal in mind: to extend the brutal, costly Afghanistan War.

General Petraeus’ media blitz is only the tip of the iceberg in the Pentagon’s effort to sell war to the American people. The Defense Department has a budget of more than $500 million for public relations efforts directed at U.S. citizens, a slice of a much larger information operations effort to influence public opinion. But no matter how much they spend on P.R. and information operations, the facts on the ground show that the Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer, and it’s not worth the costs.


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  1. So what does everybody think to do about it? The game is going on for 15 decades at least. Analyzing and offering the truth to the folks? Thats all we got? Is everybody still beleiving that he is to small and to insignificant to do a damn thing about it? Well you are right if you think in terms of weapons and money or religious structures. But there are other ways because these are just a few and their strength is just implemented by its marketing and not the truth on integral level.
    Fight the promotors but start within yourself. You got a promotor living in your own chest whom must learn to jump out of that so called organzied life. The power you gain is unbelievable strong so keep going and share it with your next one. Trade and swap for your personal needs and become a rich and beloved valuable member of humanity because of your own humanity! Get together with other people already on this way if you feel lost. No shame to admitt youre lost and if you need a hand write me at English, german and spanish welcome. Enough of intelectual perspective circle talks, lets get to pyramidal action worldwide but now.

  2. Abaddon says:

    Business as usual for the human family, whats changed? Those that gain power hold on to it at any cost at the expense of the many. They make the laws, change them, stretch them, abuse them, and act as though they are above them. Try and convict them! When you are in control all others are subserviant to you, and are easily crushed if the situation demands it. For they own the Judges, the Military, the Police, the Media, the Money, in fact the whole system that governs your life and that of everyone else. What are you going to do about it? People’s protests are just an irritation to these people, for they can easily move elsewhere, as long as the system functions those in power will continue to rule. They can change the faces of those at the top to ease the criticism, and as usual they make many promises, but the same policies continue as the masses wait in vain for a “change.”
    What IS coming, and history which has no prejudices, it just records the facts, is the destruction of another empire, by the same meglomaniacs of the present who follow in the footsteps of their meglomaniacal idols from the past. ALL empires collapse from within, corruption, greed, a God complex, blind those in power to follow the same path of those that preceeded them. Human failings are staggeringly consistent, and history supports that human path of destruction, and we today are heading towards a catastrophy that will supercede all previous empires. For man now has weapons that are apocalypticly diverse in their destructive capacity, and as the global situation deteriorates many of those in power will be torn asunder by the masses before they reach their bunkers.

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