Video: Woman Tasered For Exercising 4th Amendment Rights Has Heart Attack


Taser International claims there is no link between its weapons and heart problems

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A woman who was stopped by police and refused to allow them to search her personal belongings almost died after the officers tasered her and she went into cardiac arrest.

Video of the entire incident, which occurred June 4, has surfaced in the case of 50-year-old Angela Jones of Los Angeles, who is suing California highway patrol following the incident, which left her with permanent brain injuries and loss of memory, owing to lack of oxygen for several minutes.

The video shows the officers asking Jones to exit her vehicle, as it was illegally parked on the side of a road. The officers can be heard asking Jones “How much have you had to drink tonight? What about medications or drugs?”

Jones denied that she was under the influence of any substances, which was later verified in a sobriety test and toxicology reports. The officers questioned her for 15 minutes, before asking to look inside her purse.

“I just don’t feel like I want you to take my purse from me.” Jones is heard saying, before attempting to run back to her vehicle. As she attempted to get back in the car, one officer fired a jolt from a taser x26 into her chest three separate times.

Jones is heard screaming for a brief period, as officers order her not to move, despite the fact that the taser literally paralyses the body when it is fired.

It then becomes clear that Jones is unresponsive as one officer says, “Ma’am, come on, try and wake up.” Another officer asks “Do you have a pulse?” The cops then pull her out of the car and begin performing cpr. A short time later Jones was revived.

Speaking with CBS Los Angeles, heart surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato said Jones is extremely lucky to be alive.

“It’s really critically important that law officers understand that this TASER is a weapon and it can kill people,” said Magliato, who also serves as president of the American Heart Association for greater Los Angeles.

While Taser International claims that its weapons do not interfere with the rhythm of the heart, Magliato strongly disagrees.

“Absolutely not, absolutely not,” Magliato said. “We have an article right here from circulation which comes out of one of the most prestigious cardiovascular journals in the country, that’s put out by the American Heart Association. This article discusses eight cases, eight cases where people were TASERed went into this ventricular fibrillation rhythm, seven of which died, so how can you tell me that using a TASER is completely benign — especially when you have it on videotape?”

Jones is facing charges of failing to comply with a peace officer, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

“These officers unnecessarily and unlawfully Tasered my client and she suffered a cardiac arrest. Now, she is the one being criminally charged. We look forward to trial where we are confident Ms. Jones will be acquitted of all misdemeanor charges. In fact, the evidence will show it was the officers who acted unlawfully. Their behavior here is downright criminal,” said Jones’ attorney, Maria Cavalluzzi.

The CHP claims that its officers acted within policy and has no further comment while the case is ongoing. Taser International issued a statement saying it did not wish to speculate on the incident, and that its weapons have been declared safe by the US Department of justice.

“It’s important to remember that more than 98,000 people have been saved from potential death or serious injury using TASER devices – an astounding number that would more than sell out the Rose Bowl.” the statement concludes.

Watch the video below:


Despite Taser International’s claims to the contrary, numerous studies over recent years have proven that Taser stun guns can cause heart problems and even induce sudden and lethal cardiac arrest.

Last month, two police officers in Texas tasered a man who was having a seizure, causing the 50-year-old to suffer a heart attack and permanent brain damage. The cops were so ill equipped to deal with the situation, that they broke out tasers and shocked a man who was already convulsing on the ground.

As we reported on Infowars Nightly news, it took paramedics 11 minutes to revive the man and bring back his pulse. It is a miracle he is still alive, though he will now have to live with severe disabilities for the rest of his life.


It is endless amounts of these kind of incidents that show cops are not being trained to use tasers only in situations when they are threatened. They are using the weapons on anyone who does not immediately respond to orders.

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