Videos: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know! Part 1

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“Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” is a series produced by How Stuff Works.. They have tons of videos concerning conspiracy theories and other interesting topics. I have included all the videos on their YouTube channel in this multi-part article.. There are over 100 videos so I have made about 8 different posts with all of the videos. Expect a new video post daily! These videos will only make you want to research.. Some of the topics covered in this article are FEMA, Manufactured Earthquakes, Teleportation, Tesla, Wikileaks, Federal Reserve, Fluoridation and Illuminati. So enjoy the videos below and the others to come:

Relevant – Must See:

Is FEMA a front for a secret government?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was created in 1976 to handle domestic emergencies, but conspiracy theorists allege that FEMA’s mission is anything but benevolent.


Can scientists manufacture earthquakes?

Earthquakes are terrifying reminders that some of Earth’s processes remain beyond human control. So why do some people think scientists can actually create these disasters?

Quantum Physics: Teleportation and Holograms

In countless works of fiction, authors use quantum mechanics to explain things like telepathy, teleportation or the shape of the universe. Why? Tune in to learn more about quantum physics — and why, in some cases, the truth may be stranger than fiction.

What’s the big deal with Wikileaks?

Wikileaks allows whistleblowers across the planet to anonymously submit reports of crime by businesses, individuals and governments. Tune in and learn why some people, including the U.S. government, want the site shut down.


Did the U.S. government steal Tesla’s technology? When impoverished inventor Nikola Tesla died in New York City, the U.S. government confiscated his notes. Why? Were they trying to steal his technology? Did they ever relinquish the notes?

Can humans alter probability through thought alone?

Scientists at the PEAR laboratories noticed something odd during their work with coincidence: Some humans seemed to influence random numbers with nothing but their thoughts. Could this be pseudoscience, or a scientific breakthrough?

Did ancient civilizations possess advanced technology?

The Baghdad batteries and the Antikythera mechanism have puzzled many historians — they just appear too advanced for their time. Where did they come from? Listen in and learn why some people think we’ve drastically underestimated ancient civilizations.

Misinformation vs. Disinformation

What’s the Deal with DMT?

When users take DMT they experience vivid hallucinations. Some users even believe they have communicated with nonhuman creatures while on DMT — but why?

Could parasites control human beings?

Many science-fiction stories focus on the idea of possession — the concept of some alien force dominating otherwise normal people and forcing them to behave in strange ways. Could any of these stories be based in fact?

Would world governments fake the end of the world?

For decades conspiracy theorists have accused the government of hiding evidence of aliens or imminent world disasters, but could the governments of the world actually be planning to fake an apocalypse?

The Federal Reserve

Through the management of currency and interest, the Federal Reserve attempts to keep banks secure — but some believe it has another purpose.


Communities across the US add fluoride to the water supply. Mainstream experts believe it prevents tooth decay, but conspiracy theorists think there’s something sinister afoot.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati have been blamed for everything from the revolutions to climate change, but why? Watch this segment of a continuing series to learn more about the founding of the Illuminati — and why some people believe it disbanded centuries ago.


Did bankers kill Lincoln and Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are two of history’s most popular and influential U.S. presidents — unfortunately, they were both also assassinated. Yet some people believe we’re missing the big picture behind these deaths.


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