Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger Meet To Discuss New World Order


In this online video Luke Rudkowski handles the significant geo political conference concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin and globalist henchman Henry Kissinger. We go into who Henry Kissinger is, the strings that he pulls geo politically and present escalating problem concerning the U.S and Russia. This news is only offered to you because of you, verify out our retail store and t-shirts to develop our procedure http://retail store.wearechange.org/


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29 Responses

  1. Kevin Paul says:

    thank you for the real news!

  2. Steve A says:


  3. This is proof that Putin is a pos, why would anyone meet up with a war criminal like hk, and this has been happening for years and imagine the meetings which the public didn't know about.

  4. Juan Salinas says:

    He was he is and will be up to his death part of the Illuminated… Let the most horrific sickness fall upon him and let his voice of pain be heard all over the world!!!

  5. La solution à l’immédiat ce les sages écrits du général De Gaulle dans son discours 1967 : frontières pour Israël 1967, sortir de l’OTAN, et retour à l’or. Fin du dollar comme monnaie de réserve mondial. C’est éventuellement ; les vocables de George Orwell, « Qui contrôle le passé, contrôle le futur ; qui contrôle le présent, contrôle le passé » Ce simplement un mécanisme crée par les pères fondateurs de l’occident, pour arrêter tout drapage trop exagéré qui peut détruire la civilisation dans une espace de liberté d’esprit. Le mécanisme entreprend. Est 1967 c’est loin de 2016 donc le passé, qui contrôle le réel.

  6. DPEART6475 says:

    Putin has paid off Russia's debt and kicked the Rothchild's out of the country…Put and the NWO/Globalists are on different sides of the spectrum…thus the conflict in Syria.

  7. Rich Simmons says:

    No More wars for Jews

  8. Rich Simmons says:

    He is just a typical Jewish Psychopath

  9. Rich Simmons says:

    He looks just like a bloated tick
    no offense to bloated ticks intended

  10. Rich Simmons says:

    Why is this Jewish POS still pumping air ?

  11. Kissinger is the mane Rothschild Zionist cunt. It should be taken to Geneva for crimes against humanity. The prick still lives.

  12. Luke Rudkowski is a worthless piece of crap.

  13. Curiales NL says:

    Why Putin? I thought he was getting rid of the NWO and now he's meeting with an "old friend"? Like wtf?

  14. MrAugustus says:

    Putin is a gay retard commie

  15. kisinger did good stuff back in day wen vietnam was fighting and he been tawking to obama bout how 2 handel middle east. the republicans are causing the bad shit goin on right now cuz they cuttin deals with putin n i bet it all be cummin out soon cause israel pissed wit obama write now. if trump gets in the countrys in middle east will be HUGE truble.

  16. OZ KING says:

    Kissinger is probably the biggest scum this planet as ever seen.. PURE BARBARIC EVIL SCUM

  17. P R says:

    the real putin is against a nwo, that would mean he is against Henry. The real question is, what happened to Vlad Putin after he went missing ? cause that man who came back is not him

  18. Phil Jones says:

    Russia moving towards tyranny. America moving towards tyranny. I wonder what's really going on here. Isn't obvious. there isn't going to be a world war. can any one tell me what happen to Philip mash?

  19. Kelly ward says:

    Kissinger is a fat pig. He's old and he'll be dead soon enough. Then he can pedal his new world order crap to his creator.

  20. Juan Primos says:

    Kissinger, Soros, Blankfein, Schwarzman. What do they all have in common?

  21. Luckster 247 says:

    Henry might be doing some stupid shit but the real morons are the masses following him.
    The real murders happened between people who killed each other and not this old douche.

  22. Achtung – stinking judeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! Fucking jewish shit !

  23. ProteanView says:

    Even if at odds w/Putin, a guy like Putin probably respects the actual power Kissinger has & that he's able to solicit the real man in control, not simply some figurehead who must tap dance for the general public, shows up for 4-8 years w/ limos, pomp & circumstance…. then disappears into absolute insignificance.Kissinger is the President of US foreign policy. His authority is upheld by the Fed… I'm guessing.

  24. Gofaw says:

    This Luke nigger is a fear mongering faggot, you need to shut the fuck up

  25. The new world order doesn't exist. I'm not someone who agrees with Kissinger's or Putin's foreign policy, in fact I've heard incredibly disgusting things about both of their actions, but that doesn't convince that the new world order is real.

  26. J JJ says:

    Hows the change coming along wearechange?

  27. Putin is smarter than we think, he has got plans for Kissingers mob you can be sure of that…

  28. the real putin is dead since 2010 …. he is played by an actor …. look at his face , its not putin anymore … google / youtube : PUTIN — DOPPELGÄNGER ….
    NATO BASE — RUSSIA / ULYANOVSK — 2012 …. ulynovsk is the birth place of lenin !!!!
    the real putin never would have allowed a nato base in the birth town of lenin ….

  29. Griz London says:

    People need to understand ALL the countries of the world are in on this agenda, its us normal people against the elite satanist's!

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