Vladimir Putin Illuminati ? He supports the New World Order ? ( Documentary # 1 )


PART 2 : The Cabal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0UZvK_fKTE lit are desperate to start a world war , not only for the white wash their scams all over the world …


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  1. Malachi Pugh says:

    Mr Putin, he saved his country starting with morals, values that is in line with The Most Highs Word. May not be 100% but it's end won't be like spiritual sodom & Egypt. Just my opinion Peace and Mae God save his own here in America. It's all bad, it's in the air that her judgements comes near , woe to that little horn with eyes and a mouth speaking great things….

  2. peter brano says:

    Putler is supporting his own order…CCCP.

  3. Jeff's Place says:

    What if religion is a tool of the devil?

  4. Putin said on the last 9th of may, their great "victoryday" of the "glorious red army under stalin", that germans "shot and burnt 6 million jews"… instead of the usual proclaimed "6 mill. jews, gased and burned"…  IT´S A GAME AND A SHAME!

  5. Putin is a dictator.  He starts wars because they're fun and profitable.  Oil is the only commodity Putin has.  That's why he's having huge problems now…………..oh yea, and the huge sanctions too.  Slava Ukraina!

  6. Jensenbaby says:

    This is pure Russian propaganda and a Russian speaking American English. Don't be fooled, this video is pure Hegelian dialectic in operation. They need the Russian counter to the West Indies order to bring about a NWO. Both sides of the same coin, don't be fooled by this smooth talker!

  7. Jensenbaby says:

    Sorry I meant a West and not West Indies lol

  8. Adam Q says:

    what is this a goddamn recruitment tape. USA

  9. Semo Riodio says:

    if you looking for that you call illuminati is a group of ss ho build a group in the w2 war and the old order gone to new order with the younger generation :)

  10. Lam Kit says:

    Is the fuckin' narrator doin' throat-singin'?

  11. makar saper says:

    pytin the same pervert just like Husseyn Obama Obama gay and pytin is pedophil and all together stupid masons satanists playing games with people

  12. Except Putin hasn't betrayed the NWO. It's the whole thesis antithesis = synthesis.
    Whether Putin is in on the plan, or is being strategically played, not that it matters, let's not forget that ALL countries are UN members. All of them. The Rothschilds creation.
    So, considering the FREEMASONS, particularly Albert Pikes planned 3 world wars, and the events unfolding today, it appears that the Cabal is right on course.

  13. We need the Brics bank cartel to form to oust the Rothschild money cartels that are lowering everyone's quality of life. Unfortunately it involves battling and bombing again but this time the rothschilds don't profit from both sides!

  14. @gadsten two point 0
    Putin appears to be trying to get rid of Russians central banks! He does not support the un, nato, imf or Rothschilds. Check it out.

  15. SandoBG says:

    In the beginning of the video it says that young Putin is introducing his son to Reagan, but Putin doesn't have a son. WTF?

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