Vladimir Putin Illuminati ? The truth of ISIS Malaysia Air , WW3 … ( Documentary # 2 )


sexy supermodel ( Official Video ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmy0tHotOSU PART 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEFo1s0Qrd4 RUSSIA …


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  1. lonewolf says:

    The time has finally come to see what has been hidden from us. It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that people can see the Truth and the life clearly and completely for the first time. The evolution of technology, such as the Internet and other forms of mass communication, has progressed enough to reach just about all of mankind. (quote from the book the Present) The Ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed. It changes your inner environment, it shows you what you really are Check TruthContest read the Present

  2. Excellent, well done.
    Now the non Nato forces are coming together to make a mockery of them all. ANY service personnel that buys into ANY of what Nato forces are doing needs to step back and seriously think about their family and what they will be doing to thousands of innocent children.
    I believe that alot of the world is finally realising that they have been fooled, but also believe that it`s too late. Far too many people are still hypnotised and subverted and will buy any crap the media tells them thus leading them down the path to war sacrificing their lives and their families lives whilst their so called "leaders" hide and yet again LIE to them all whilst they glorify war leading to the slaughter of millions.
    Not one person from Nato has been charged in over thirty years for crimes against humanity and genocide
    Bosnia = guilty
    Iraq desert storm = guilty
    Iraq iraqi freedom = guilty
    afganistan = guilty
    Libya = guilty

    Peace and Love

    Kenny Williams Veterans For Peace UK

  3. Kevin Stowe says:

    Stop that bullshit u fucking blind mate jew fucking exist I don't like the way you talk u fucking bindprick brainwashed

  4. Famous tas says:

    if all the muslim haters hate Muslims so much .stop Using Muslim Fuel..

  5. Oskadella69 says:

    Nukes on 9/11???

  6. cracken lord says:

    in original Talmud… Israel will conquer all arab countries, the 1 they cannot enter and conquer is Mecca and Madinah…

  7. Dense Money says:

    Putin is in on it. Their involvement with Syria is set to instigate WW3. To push the world for Communism. They are allied with China and North Korea as well. This along with the economic crashes, they are trying to establish a world bank: "The establishment of a central bank is 90% of Communizing a nation" – Lenin. The establishment of World Central Bank is 90% of Communizing the Planet. Read this to help prevent it: www exposing communism com

  8. fuking jews always thinking they are the last coca cola of the desert .

  9. doesnt the illuminati have 500 trillion owned by just one family the rothchilds?

  10. Yakup Dogan says:


  11. Dave Case says:

    1000's of years old plasma stealth technology, makes sense aye!

  12. It's Vladimir Putin against the New World Order!
    If you're against the system, be for Putin!

    You will need to relearn fast from all the LIES! LIES! LIES! 'they' have told you from birth
    And you can #BelieveThat

  13. Calum Grant says:

    Haha three adverts in this, bought a sky tv package, a bottle of coke and a Nissan via le revolution! Good to see the post made plenty of cash

  14. bizzwoofer says:

    So this is just a stupid hit-piece on Israel and the west? Meanwhile, Putin is dressed up as some sort of saint? Give me a fucking break. "We are all Palestinians"! Fuck no – Palestine is not and never will be a real state – stupid video for stupid people.

  15. Oh what a load of shit

  16. al Rashid says:

    america is a land off illuminati. founded by illuminati n control by jews. now d world is control by jews.

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