Vladimir Putin Illuminati truth about ISIS , Malaysia Air , WW3 Documentary # 2


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  1. It just goes to show ya that all you have to do to confuse people is just lie to their face.  If fiction is that powerful, how much more powerful are near truths.


  3. patphatcat says:

    L.RON Hubbard discovered the 12 signs of a psychopath/ suppressive person. Google "hubbard, 12, antisocial" for details. Scientology (study of wisdom) is not something you believe in, it is something you USE. No need to change your religion, no need for faith. There is a great need to understand the mind of a psychopath/ suppressive person.

  4. I figure so many people are so stupid, and so argumentative, and Conspiracy Theories so formulaic, I created my own, for this particular accident, with a single comment, but it was in the video that CNN picked up on, I caught it when there was only three-views, and no comments.    Perfect for my theory.     I made this comment that the BUK Launcher when " HOT", or manned and on, is also able to be controlled by one large central-control truck, with a 600-mile radar range.    Then I said, " Who benefits"?     Only the Israeli's, who used that exact time to kill thousands of Palestinians, so obviously, it was a MOSSAD Operation, they just sent the launch signal too a " HOT" BUK Launcher, either with infiltrators, or by a Satellite laser-beam broadcast of the launch signal sent directly to that launcher, the man inside, if he is not out in the sun, has only four-seconds to abort, the BUK is a SEMI-Autonomous design, after you human makes a radar-guided decision whether to target something, once launched, the missile just goes for heat, that is why they are made to ignore radio-signals after launch.     Which kind of makes you wonder if they even have a self-destruct option at all, that would be stupid.    Anyways, it was all just partial truths, and no facts, plus I did not," Water the garden", so to say, by continuing to comment.     At New Years Eve, YouTube released the Top-Ten new Conspiracy Theories of the year, and mine was one of them!     People will argue that the Earth is flat.     I know, I go there for practice. People actually make videos with a claim that the earth is flat.

  5. Not one word of evidence was backed up by any credible proof. This video is a load of shit

  6. annastesia67 says:

    atheists will never understand that the antichrist & the false prophet shall soon reveal themsleves'They want a 1 world govt,a 1 world currency, and a 1 world religion-and whosoever takes the mark of the beast is doomed to burn forever-and their torment will never cease.I will Never be allowed to be chipped like some animal-I would gladly let them behead me for the name of Christ.

  7. The MH 17 was shot down by BUK missile supplied by Russia to the Ukraine rebels. Don't try to twist n turn to put blame on others with your BS.

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