Vladimir Putin Illuminati truth about ISIS , Ukraine , WW3 Illuminati Documentary


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  1. This is the most frustrating sound I've ever encountered. Every sentence — I understand 60% and miss the important points. Don't waste your time with this!

  2. You didn't use  the correct symbol of the Illuminati it is an owl.
    If you would grow a brain you would know it was formed in Germany and shut down in 1784.

  3. Clear View says:

    This video is retarded.

  4. "will Nato get involved? nope." as reality teaches, you were wrong.

  5. Mike2020able says:

    ' ISRAEL DID 911 '

  6. curiozo y extrano es que cada ves que hay manifestaciones en otros paises es que siempre tienen letreros en ingles extrano realidad o coinsidencia para que se manifestan con letreros en ingles si lo pueden hacer en su propio idioma no creen que es extrano

  7. Pay attention!!! Gods in

  8. peter brano says:

    Russians are permanently drunk, and Putler give political shit in to their brains

  9. HaZe RaucheR says:

    USA = Nato = illuminati !!!

  10. GuntPulp says:

    Holy shit dude somebody took ten minutes and chopped it up 8 ways to Sunday in order to make a 1 hour vid- this is garbage.

  11. Whoever liked this video and whoever created this video are purely inbred retards lmao.

  12. Josh Keck says:

    why is it in one video they say china isnt interested in military power then on the side theres a link to another video by the same page, saying that they are interested in it?

  13. One World Unity is fine.
    It's the fact that they are HELL-BENT ON DESTRUCTION and SUFFERING that pisses me off.

  14. tin foil says:

    is ra el did it…..and will do it…..

  15. tin foil says:

    does anyone know how the Russians removed the Bolshevik khazars from their leadership roles? or did they? Hope they didn't just transfer to the U.S. it's our turn for a modern day white boy holocaust.see you in a fema camp

  16. The Russians probably made this video.

  17. Yaeh, seems like Russians…
    Mysticysms and conspiracy is deep inside their culture…
    And offcourse: "must hate america, america is bad…"

  18. MrAugustus says:

    Putin is a stupid gay comie dictator, who backs the Persian Ayatolah

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