Vladimir Putin ” The World Most Powerful President ” 2016 Exclusive Documentary


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20 Responses

  1. David B says:

    haha this should be about Obama corruption or the Clintons lo

  2. Omar Yare says:

    Democracy or Western HYPOCRACY

  3. Russia is the only thing standing between the western powers and their objective of New World Order…
    Love and support from Pakistan

  4. What ominous music at times. Guess the Darth Vader music theme is copyrighted. Far too Western biased for those with taste.

  5. Viva Jordan says:

    Yup big dummies look at Hilary and useless Obama

  6. Ghaz Zafar says:

    Fuck the Soviet Union, long live Russia.

  7. Garcia Jyrha says:

    Putin is the man and the only one that resists Western imperialism. The great leader of all times!!!!

  8. MultiEvil101 says:

    Usa can't do nothing to Russia and China but they pick on other smaller countries that can't fight back or post no threat.

  9. Asrar Khan says:

    This is a huge anti Putin propaganda.Everything told here is either a lie or a twisted fact.

  10. Apartment bombings, 9/11, again, history repeating it self like it has all been planned by the money creators and controllers. Another reason why humanity needs to wake the FUCK up already!

  11. It's beyond race and even humanity as we think we know it people!
    WOW, the pure face they say this was the Russian 911 only goes to show the corrupt US gov constructed 911 was a pure solid conclusion of what they really did. I live in the US and I know we are doomed. How real is that for you.

  12. Adam A says:

    Putin is a political prophet, God Bless Him

  13. Sinzarh says:

    worlds best dick sucker*

  14. You dorks ain't gonna think so when they NATO unleashes the Stealths ! In the dead of nite. Whatcha gonna do then Vlad ?

  15. roy paler says:

    the world most powerful president…will make the people …happy…..?

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