Vulvodynia – New World Order [NEW SONG 2015]



“Welcome to this accumulating my serpent brethren!
Its time to enter the up coming stage of the New Earth Order
Their minds have been weakened by our continuous cerebral bombardment.
We have lead them into whole enslavement
We should reform an alliance with the Annunaki
So that all the earths riches can be reunited
Not for extensive they’ve been set for relocation
We will inhabit a new world ahead of this yr is accomplished
With black hearts and a serpents tongue
Condemned my species
Corruption has won
With black eyes and a serpents tongue
My strategy is accomplished
The seed is planted
Worry ME!!!
I am the destroyer of worlds
Secret Societies feed on greed
Bow ahead of this killing equipment!
Every new born fetus ripped from the stomach of a whore
will be brought unto the New Earth Order
The riches of the earth had been taken by the Annunaki millennia back
certain for protected retaining but minor did we know
Thee Annunaki are a no show!
Our world was raped and decieved
and robbed of its treasure!!
Our world was raped and decieved
and robbed of its treasure!!
Burning this world down!
1 working day at a time!
We are taking more than
Welcome to a new generation of lies
This is the New Earth Order!”


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  1. annunaki?
    u cant be serious…

  2. Ham Bone says:

    good god how did I just hear this??? I'm not into a lot of this type of music as I used to be, but this is tight

  3. A Rockefeller y Rothschield y 11 familias mas no les gusta esto.

  4. Paul Riggs says:

    That sounds like Godmaker of Lorna Shore.

  5. holy fuck i needed something this heavy to kick off the new year! ???

  6. thanks for helping me ejaculate….. time to buy a new computer now :/

  7. love you guys, you should make a music video on YouTube, it would be fuckin awesome

  8. Kayla Jade says:


  9. 626 Beatdown says:

    Literally was waiting for this and the new Cattle. Duncan and the rest of the dudes, you guys are the shit!

  10. …..and the serpents will eat my flesh as the seed remains decaying within the bowels of the heart…and the winds will sharpen until they sever the very head from the shoulders of the demon who created such great metal……

  11. that's last riff was pretty dope, love the cover art

  12. Lmao this band is for scene kid slammers!!! have you seen this band and its fan base, holy fuckin shit, you guys dress like sleeping with sirens and you sound awful, you fuckin posers!!! fuck vulvodynia, you guys are absolute fags!! EAT SHIT AND DIE, ok now back to my GORGASM


  14. i dare you to google image "volvodynia". DARE you..

  15. Owen Horecny says:

    This or the new cattle decap

  16. BOB SAPPSUX says:

    anybody can explain to me why this is called slam ? it just sounds like deathcore to me…

  17. Dylan Rose says:

    This is one of the heaviest bands I've ever heard. The random pig squeeling part I could do without, but that was my only complaint. Brutal.

  18. great job awsm slamers

  19. No idea what he's saying at all xD

  20. James dorian says:

    Need this now, hurry.

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