Wake-Up Call: Top 11 Trends of 2011


Trends Journal Scoop – The Top Trends Of 2011

By Gerald Celente

After the tumultuous years of the Great Recession, a battered people may wish that 2011 will bring a return to kinder, gentler times.
But that is not what we are predicting. Instead, the fruits of government and institutional action ­ and inaction ­ on many fronts will ripen in unplanned-for fashions. Trends we have previously identified, and that have been brewing for some time, will reach maturity in 2011, impacting just about everyone in the world.

1. Wake-Up Call In 2011, the people of all nations will fully recognize how grave economic conditions have become, how ineffectual and self-serving the so-called solutions have been, and how dire the consequences will be.

Having become convinced of the inability of leaders and know-it-all “arbiters of everything” to fulfill their promises, the people will do more than just question authority, they will defy authority. The seeds of revolution will be sown.

2. Crack-Up 2011 Among our Top Trends for last year was the “Crash of 2010.” What happened? The stock market didn’t crash. We know.
We made it clear in our Autumn Trends Journal that we were not forecasting a stock market crash ­ the equity markets were no longer a legitimate indicator of recovery or the real state of the economy. Yet the reliable indicators (employment numbers, the real estate market, currency pressures, sovereign debt problems) all bordered between crisis and disaster.

In 2011, with the arsenal of schemes to prop them up depleted, we predict “Crack-Up 2011”: teetering economies will collapse, currency wars will ensue, trade barriers will be erected, economic unions will splinter, and the onset of the “Greatest Depression” will be recognized by everyone.

3. Screw the People As times get even tougher and people get even poorer, the “authorities” will intensify their efforts to extract the funds needed to meet fiscal obligations. While there will be variations on the theme, the governments’ song will be the same: cut what you give, raise what you take.

4. Crime Waves No job + no money + compounding debt = high stress, strained relations, short fuses. In 2011, with the fuse lit, it will be prime time for Crime Time. As Gerald Celente says, “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

Hardship-driven crimes will be committed across the socioeconomic spectrum by legions of the on-the-edge desperate who will do whatever they must to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.

5. Crackdown on Liberty As crime rates rise, so will the voices demanding a crackdown. A national crusade to “Get Tough on Crime” will be waged against the citizenry. And just as in the “War on Terror,” where “suspected terrorists” are killed before proven guilty or jailed without trial, in the “War on Crime” everyone is a suspect until proven innocent.

6. Alternative Energy In laboratories and workshops unnoticed by mainstream analysts, scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs are forging a new physics incorporating principles once thought impossible, working to create devices that liberate more energy than they consume.

What are they, and how long will it be before they can be brought to market? Shrewd investors will ignore the “can’t be done” skepticism, and examine the newly emerging energy trend opportunities that will come of age in 2011.

7. Journalism 2.0 Though the trend has been in the making since the dawn of the Internet Revolution, 2011 will mark the year that new methods of news and information distribution will render the 20th century model obsolete.

With its unparalleled reach across borders and language barriers, “Journalism 2.0” has the potential to influence and educate citizens in a way that governments and corporate media moguls would never permit. Of the hundreds of trends we have forecast over three decades, few have the possibility of such far-reaching effects.

8. Cyberwars Just a decade ago, when the digital age was blooming and hackers were looked upon as annoying geeks, we forecast that the intrinsic fragility of the Internet and the vulnerability of the data it carried made it ripe for cyber-crime and cyber-warfare to flourish.

In 2010, every major government acknowledged that Cyberwar was a clear and present danger and, in fact, had already begun. The demonstrable effects of Cyberwar and its companion, Cybercrime, are already significant ­ and will come of age in 2011. Equally disruptive will be the harsh measures taken by global governments to control free access to the web, identify its users, and literally shut down computers that it considers a threat to national security.

9. Youth of the World Unite University degrees in hand yet out of work, in debt and with no prospects on the horizon, feeling betrayed and angry, forced to live back at home, young adults and 20-somethings are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore. Filled with vigor, rife with passion, but not mature enough to control their impulses, the confrontations they engage in will often escalate disproportionately.

Government efforts to exert control and return the youth to quiet complacency will be ham-fisted and ineffectual. The Revolution will be televised blogged, YouTubed, Twittered and.

10. End of The World! The closer we get to 2012, the louder the calls will be that the “End is Near!” There have always been sects, at any time in history, that saw signs and portents proving the end of the world was imminent. But 2012 seems to hold a special meaning across a wide segment of “End-time” believers.

Among the Armageddonites, the actual end of the world and annihilation of the Earth in 2012 is a matter of certainty. Even the rational and informed that carefully follow the news of never-ending global crises, may sometimes feel the world is in a perilous state. Both streams of thought are leading many to reevaluate their chances for personal survival, be it in heaven or on earth.

11. The Mystery Trend … will be revealed upon publication of the Trends Journal in mid-January.

With a 30-year track record to prove it, no one has a more accurate inside scoop on the crucial trends shaping our future than Trends Journal Publisher, Gerald Celente. To schedule an interview with Mr. Celente to discuss these trends before they hit the headlines, contact:

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  1. hungry4food says:

    http://t.co/hDNRVgv – ted turner recently telling the UN Climate Change committee in Cancun Mexico the World needs a One child policy One World Order Mandate , Pure Marxist by a Hypocrite that has had Many Children by many Women , Ha …Vanity it the biggest SIN !!!!! This is why Government must never get to Big , so big that its main supporters are of this Mindset , because it becomes a Disconnection from the social fabric of whats the founding Principles of the USA ….. ” We Hold these Truths to be Self Evident , that All men are Created Equal ”

    The Lies that we the people have been told by our Government as they preached the Climate Change reasons were because of Fossil Fuel is Now coming out , it has taken on a New View , and its Human as their Fear of what they feel is the cause of Climate Change , and if we the people lose our Voice to challenge these Opinions of what is the truth and if and what we as a community can and should be doing Not a Force against the Will of Society , this is what will be seen as the sustaining factor in what the USA looks like going forward , not some fundamentalists thats Marxists views with Money to buy a Position of authority is what we the people become collected under our Nations flag .

    This will still cause struggles within our Free market Functions as it tries to manage Regulations that Government restrictive Agencies will Impose upon the Free Market Businesses that create our needs in Society . If you read The USSR Stalin era and what happened during that time you can see how Big Government because a Limiting factor in the expansion of basic Needs causing famines and shortages because of fundamental views of what drove the philosophy of overpopulation , or a society of Free Thinkers whose struggles always prevailed during times of despair . We the People need to never take our eyes off the fact that we are always going to be faced with this challenge of who will say their are limits in a finite world , and we better be ready to chase these survival instincts back to the fences of those gulags with evidence of sustainable advancements in alternative resource processes so we the people can continue to be prosperous with Incentives that tame even the most radical in Survival tactics .

  2. hungry4food says:

    This excerpt from this months National Geographic ;

    I have understood the population explosion intellectually for a long time. I came to understand it emotionally one stinking hot night in Delhi a couple of years ago… The temperature was well over 100, and the air was a haze of dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people. People eating, people washing, people sleeping. People visiting, arguing, and screaming. People thrusting their hands through the taxi window, begging. People defecating and urinating. People clinging to buses. People herding animals. People, people, people, people. —Paul Ehrlich
    http://dieoff.org/page185.htm – these guys talk about what they want to see happen , scroll down to where it says ” What you can do to Get Ready ”

    Paul R Ehrlich; Bing Professor of Population Studies and President of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University and co-founder of the field of co-evolution.
    US: The population bomb is still ticking 13 December 2009

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSlB1nW4S54&feature=player_embedded Ted Turner says there is a Problem and that this is causing Climate
    Change , TOO Many people
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVTGK1uYqJo&feature=player_embedded – the wildlands project

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article6350303.ece Bilderberg to set population controls at 8 billion worldwide

    http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2009-12/10/content_9151129.htm Cap and Trade summit says Population controls Key to agreements .

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/bill-gates-wants-death-panels-dying-people-vs-teacher/ , and then couple what Gates is plans are with this …….


    But it happened because they planned it , see these links again to reference the Plan and why ;

    http://www.population-security.org/11-CH3.html http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7735

  3. Trend is nothingelese than understanding well the past and present, so we could go endlessly long into the future to figure out and to predict the most possible scenario. The entire northern hemisphere of the globe is colapsing into psicosis and thats not difficult to read the outcome. A tripled psicosis is just a triple to much, read climate consecuences on agriculture and food, read not having fixed the gangster casino of money emission, read the 2000 years pressure of jews, moslem and christians anouncing final court of a violent god.
    Humanity has gone mad and the try to fix it in the 60s and 70s didnt penetrate deep enough to remove speculative attitude of humanity. Fish gone blind instead.
    It would help having sort of consciousness about earth spots not that effected from those 3 big streams due to explode and I do offer a free reading of an analytic document issued by NGO ASFAM (Family Associated). Sent me an e mail and I return with it: luckysaintluis@gmail.com

  4. Anthony Weishar says:

    Thanks for publishing the warning about what is really happening. The gap between the rich and the rest, combined with idle time, resentment, and hopelessness, should be alarming the government. But as we have seen before, there is no historical memory. They don’t see the wealthy and businesses as England and the rest of us as the unborn country. As more troops return home to face unemployment and lack of treatment for war wounds, broken promises will turn the soldiers against their leaders.

    The elephant or tank in the living room is our second amendment. I have to chuckle at the government’s predicament, Homeland Security vs. the right to bear arms. You might call it the Y2K trend, the arming of the populace. This to me is the most dangerous element in the trends you list. I’ve worked with Gulf war vets. They have easy access to a lot of the legal and illegal weaponry they used in Iraq and Afghanistan. What disturbed me the most is the PTSD victims. When they return, they get concealed carry licenses. A couple of guys I know keep weapons in every room of their houses and their vehicles. They have nightmares and they constantly think someone is sneaking up on them.

    Congress won’t touch assault weapons. As a result, we are armed with some amazing power. Sniper rifles can hit targets silently from a mile away. One of the most amazing legal weapons is the .50 cal. rifle. It can bring down an airliner from a mile away. If you fly, think about the scrub, woods and rough terrain around various airports. Armor piercing ammunition is available to the public. Police and military crowd control tactics are a bit dated, they look like middle age knights in armor. Lightweight chain link clothing, gas masks, and sound plugs pretty well defend against tasers, gasses, and audio technology. The phalanxes of heavily padded protectors will eventually see the error in that strategy when the violence escalates and fire is added to the equation. Armed brigades tend to loses their sense of mission when Molotov cocktails and napalm land on them. If the revolutionaries pr protester get access to phosphorus weapons, herding, caging or whatever they call it is no longer an option. A problem for security people is the fact that it’s not organized groups loading up on arms. There’s no network to monitor. Individuals can stay under the radar, collecting obscene amounts of weaponry. We see it all the time…”after a 14 hour standoff the man killed himself. Police found……and five grenades.”

    So to your 2011 Happy New Year, I say Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for getting the word on the streets out. I fear for our country.

    A J Weishar
    Fairview Park, Ohio

  5. jojo says:

    Author should have leftout the garbage about new research in replacing fuel oil. NONSENSe! After 2012 the west USA/NATO/EU will step up invasions and wars (PIRATING) looting for oil resources.Once the oil producing countries find the Euro/dolliers are worthless—watchout–the uglness of the English will really show–mass killings. I feel sorry for muslims—hatred and blame them–the stage is set. Pakistan will be the lighting rod–Israel is grooming the Indians for a WWIII fight. Sad the author missed it :^/

    • Right you are because it would not be possible to switch just like this to clean energy. Clean and sustainable energy has been offered since 1940 but because prime materia is free it didnt interest and still it doesnt interest. We might shoot all these money lovers first if we would be caveman, so lets jump out of the wheel and let them kill each other instead.

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