Walking dead: Ongoing BP Gulf disaster may be killing millions


by Terrence Aym

“I think the media now has to…tell the American people who’s getting money for poisoning the millions of people in the Gulf.” – Hugh Kaufman, senior EPA analyst, admits millions have been poisoned in the Gulf states.

A biochemical bomb went off in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010—a bomb that was as dangerous and destructive as a nuclear blast.

An atom bomb’s death and destruction can be measured immediately after detonation while BP’s unintentional biochemical bomb is a slow-motion explosion that is driving a disaster that continues even now.

Lingering death, however, occurs with both types of explosions.

Millions exposed to uncontrolled hemorrhaging, lesions, cancers

Recently, enraged scientists have presented strong evidence that millions of Gulf area residents have been poisoned by the BP Gulf disaster. Worse, millions more could be exposed to long term poisoning from benzene contamination. Benzene exposure leads to cancers.

Yet other than those furious scientists few seemed to care.

Now, however, more frightening evidence has emerged that areas of the Gulf Coast may have been not only saturated with high levels of benzene, but hydrogen sulfide and radioactive hydrocarbon effluents too-three deadly substances that can cause disease and death years after the initial exposures. [Full report linked at end of article.]

The EPA and the ongoing news blackout

The curtain of silence that swiftly descended just days after the Deepwater Horizon blowout at the Macondo well has never been fully lifted. At the time, a no-man’s land was created prohibiting fishermen, reporters, news helicopters and civilian sea and air craft from approaching the immediate disaster zone. The US Coast Guard and BP conducted joint operations feverishly attempting to quell the spreading disaster.

Reporters were threatened with arrest. News stories were yanked. Scientific reports buried. And data from the NOAA research vessel—initially sent to the region to take readings of the seafloor—was suppressed.

Yet, like the oil and gas, information leaked.

Beyond the oil gushing into the Gulf at a rate never before seen, deadly methane gas also flooded the region. The methane reached such high levels of density in the Gulf that brilliant scientists like Dr. John Kessler of Texas A&M recorded stunning readings of methane amounts one million times higher than normal.  His reports reached the media.

Although access to the forbidden zone has since been restored,

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  1. karen says:

    Walking Dead… I live in northern fl. about 35 miles from the coast and as you said in your article no one seems to care you are more than right, these folks here swim in the tar ball water, they have no comon smarts, non, they eat the seafood from there let there kids swim in the oil water, most americans just don’t give a dam, I see it every day, just blows my mind.

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