WANTED Dead Not Alive!

truther October 24, 2013 1

Jim Kirwan

Taxing Human Life

One government Murder at a time!

There are literally dozens of ways that innocent Americans are killed every hour of every day in America today!

With Obama’s Unaffordable Deathcare Taxes, you must pay this tax into the system or you will die. If you pay the tax and manage to get into the system you’ll be murdered by Obama’s Deathcare System, over time. Because Amerika is now based on illegal taxes, most people will not even notice that this method of removing useless eaters from the system is even operational.

WANTED Dead Not Alive!

The more common, everyday scenario, involves sycophantic cops and others trained by Israel. These thugs simply show up and open fire on unarmed innocent people – without words even needing to be exchanged.

Roid-cops, drugged deputies, psychopathically-violent uniformed-binge-racists, sexists, and sociopaths are all just part of the mix in most major cities. By and large there is no punishment for any of these criminals that hide behind the badge that most of them no longer bother to wear. Bear in mind these creatures taser and kill far more than five-hundred each and every year. Thousands have died since this became common practice and since no one is charged or tried, the practice continues to accelerate. Here are just a few of the major offending stories over the last few years. (1)

The government of this country has done literally everything except to put up “WANTED” posters, as was once done throughout Outlaw Country and the Old West. They have used every tool available to them to terrify the public of the massive-military power of the state.

They have made it clear that no demonstrations can ever be allowed,

“Disrespecting officers” by daring to speak to them is now punishable by immediate death. That’s become routine. In fact you can be shot or killed for just being anywhere near one of these psychos, especially if he or she is ‘having a bad day’: On top of that people have been murdered without even a single word being said: And victims are frequently completely unarmed!

When you are approached by the self-anointed mercenaries that prowl the streets in this country, do not mention the Constitution, the Founding Fathers or the Bill of Rights, if you value your life. That’s the message these Enforcers for the Bankers and the outlaw shadow government are there to disseminate—not in words but in weaponry and with dozens to hundreds of bullets to back every one of their blatant-lies—they seem to the uninitiated to be winning.

“Death by 911’ has become a fact. People call 911 for help and when the cops arrive they arrest, taser or shoot those that called them for help ­ and nothing happens to the cowards that do these crimes, each and every week.

If you are the wrong race, the wrong color or in the wrong place in Amerika today: You are more likely to end up dead on the streets than you are likely, to get wherever you were attempting to go, when you got up that particular day. This happens all the time now and the only thing everyone will have in common now is the illustration above!

Have the primitive barbarians been successful?

Perhaps in the short-run one would have to say yes they are getting their message across. Yes they have killed tens of thousands of people and they’ve managed to hide their activities from the still deaf-dumb and blind in this so-called society.

However there’s a lot more going on than the mercenaries and their overlords are conscious of…

Anyone who has spent any amount of time around dangerous men and women know that the people you need to be most afraid of are not the out-of-control power-mad-freaks: It’s the silent ones that say almost nothing that will do the most damage, when it counts. They might even survive some battles and leave a number of Israel’s finest to bleed to death in the streets, where mongrels can deal with whatever sounds those badly-wounded might still be able to make. This time-frame is what is waiting quietly for their “moment” to arrive.

Another lesson which the mercenaries are teaching Americans is just how vulnerable they really are: And many who will become part of their future encounters have been studying long and hard; for the moment when new responses will be put into action. There’s a whole lot of watching and waiting going on—everywhere amid the ruins of America today. When ‘time’ reaches it’s “use-by-date” there will be a great number of dead, and a lot of burned out weaponry in the streets, if current policies continue…

This will happen because, in reality, this is still America. And this America has more than a single profile, just as we have more than one kind of resistance.

Those that will bring these wild-eyed-mercenaries to justice are not those that they will ever see coming. That’s real strength and those mercenaries that are so bold and so offensive will be the first to leave the scene. They won’t be replaced. The survivors will have received their own “lessons” concerning how this population must be treated, if anyone is to survive, to end this onslaught against America.

This is new to American’s here, at home. But what is being played out now is older than recorded history and neither bestiality, primitive savagery, nor the tactics of the Inquisition has ever worked for the long-run anywhere in the world. It will not work here either ­ once this public is aroused and we’re much closer to our response than any of these traitors can imagine.

Both Victory & Defeat are headless, and always have been. This is why the quiet ones have been waiting for the right time to strike; so there will be a world left to live in.

NO this is not about an “organized” resistance, this is not about anything these creatures have planned for: This is about the survival of the human race—and since the mercenaries do not answer to anything of value, they shall remain clueless until the ancient traps snap shut.

The traitors believe that all human life is cheap. What they forget is that their disgusting lives fall into the same category, even though they are anything but human-beings. Even today those who have bull’s-eyes clearly visible on their backs and faces—remain totally unaware of that invisible mark that will doom everything they do in the end; including what they believe will be their shining moment of victory over all of those they’ve truly hated. since before we were even born.

This is the true state of things in this New-Deadwood filled with common outlaws pretending to be leaders: Traitors pretending to leaders and Pirates pretending to be powerful because of the ‘fortunes’ they believe they have successfully stolen—worldwide!

Have they had an impact upon this world? They have their technologies, their Newspeak and their massive frauds—not to mention the fact that they’ve managed to nullify all international-laws, legitimate sanctions, and the global-outcry against their every move.

But this has only been the beginning of their final push in the one place they have never really tried to physically win-it-all. I won’t be the first to welcome them—but those who will be there when it all explodes: They’ll make damn-sure that these traitors know just how badly they have failed…

The mercenaries coming target-dates are in November. Because of that, Christmas this year doesn’t look too promising, as far as “futures go. Ask yourselves this question: What will happen to all the current mercenary-pretenders in their armor and their bullet-proof vests – once the real-public finally decides to

Take a Walk-on-the-Wild-Side and Take No Prisoners?

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