War for the People, Profit for the Bankers

Pakalert January 12, 2011 6

The Federal Reserve was set up in 1913 to finance both sides of two subsequent world wars. In other words, these wars were funded by the credit of the US taxpayer.  Apart from profiting from  it , the Illuminati bankers use war to enslave us with debt, enact social change and consolidate their power .

by Hamad Subani

(Excerpt from “The Federal Reserve as an Instrument of War” )

The Federal Reserve has helped underwrite continued American military expenditures, even after the World Wars. As of 2009, “Defense” accounts for 23% of all American Federal spending. And therefore, the gargantuan size of the American Federal debt is related to the continuation of American military interventions abroad.

If we assume that such systems are primarily instruments of war, can we also infer that the World Wars could have been prevented in their absence.

Most of us naively assume that the Federal Reserve only underwrote the American war effort. This is not the case. In World War II, the Lend-Lease program was used to ship supplies worth $759 billion to other countries involved in the war.

Some of these countries, such as Soviet Union and China, cannot be considered belligerents. Even more bewildering is the fact that the inflated dollars churned out by the Federal Reserve managed to find their way into Nazi Germany, through American private “investments.”

Once we discard the myth that Germany recovered after World War I like a punching doll, it appears that the rearmament of Germany was largely the effort of Americans “investing” the new American dollars produced by the Federal Reserve.

One such  case is that of the German chemical conglomerate, I.G. Farben, which was central to the rearmament of Germany. It had on its board of directors Paul Warburg, who also sat on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Warburg is considered to be the mastermind behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Other board members of I.G. Farben also sat on the boards of Ford Motor Company and the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil. Suspiciously, the main I.G. Farben complex in Germany managed to avoid Allied bombing during the war.

War is a profitable enterprise. But the destruction of economies also hampers profits for banks and major commercial entities. An investigation into the motives of The Powers That Be with respect to the World Wars is beyond the scope of this paper. And this aspect cannot be fairly understood while fixating on monetary profit.

But if we give credence to fringe historians, we can arrive at some basic conclusions. It could be that monopoly capitalists in the United States, such as J. P. Morgan realized the limitations they faced in the Western world.

And so, they decided to expand outside the Western world, creating societies free of the limitations they faced in the West. In both the World Wars, only the Soviet Union made notable territorial acquisitions.

While offering a panacea to capitalism, the Soviet system created an unprecedented concentration of power, creating a form of monopoly state capitalism, which was highly favored by The Powers That Be.

The Soviet Union may have thus been a modern day colony of “capitalists” based in places like New York and London. Notable capitalists took trips to the Soviet Union as if it were a country club.

Since the Soviet Union did not allow private investment, these visitors may have had a direct stake in the Soviet Empire. While the United States spared no effort in creating a military industrial complex to counter the Soviet Union, actual operations against the Soviet Union were half-hearted.

For example, the Vietnam War forced many Vietnamese people to ally with the Soviets.

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  1. TheAZCowBoy October 15, 2011 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    There has not been a need for Ksistalnaught like there is today in AmeriKKKa. We are being raped by the Wall Street Jews.. We are being (((sucked))) into Israel’s wars. Our US Congress is now on AIPAC’s payroll and caters to all of Israel’s criminal wants and deeds/needs (Palestine) and the sheeple refuse to use the ‘J’ word in blaming America’s financial melt down over the past 3 years. The only Jew imprisoned is Bernie Madoff (Onlt because he stole from the rich Jews) and one Sri Lanken bandit – But, the real thieves on Wall Street keep paying billions (A pittence) for thier financial wrong doings – and no one goes to jail.

  2. Gríma Wormtongue's Sidekick March 13, 2011 at 11:25 pm - Reply

    The more I read, the less surprised I am. The People of the World all need to be pissed off with this handful of maggoty dynaties doing all this shit. Everybody has been rogered especially the Russians and Ordinary Jews. We need to invert the pyramid and start rogering these buggers back. A True World Order not their feudal corporatism!

  3. James M Nunes January 13, 2011 at 4:40 am - Reply

    Wars are not fought over humanatarian princiiples; they are fought over business interest such as capital, resourses and land. If you took the profit out of wars, there would be no wars. The method by which international finance control the masses is through the news media and the educational system. We are under the science of political economy. He that owns the gold makes the rules. He that has the biggest stick makes the rules. The international bankers have abscounded with the national treasuries and usurped the peoples wealth. All our gold and silver has been mortgaged to the bankers. Federal Reserve Notes stupidly called money are bills of credit. The two main methods that international finance uses to controls the masses is: 1-Keep them in debt 2-Keep them in ignorance. Henry Ford said, “if the American people Knew of the fraud commited by the Federal Reserve there would be a revolution tomorrow morning.” Anyone that is an independent thinker and does not conform to the political party line, they use fear and intimidation to keep them in line. Whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, it is two sides to the same coin. We are under an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats. When those in power fear losing that power and the common people revolt they resort to force. I define the common people as anyone that is a skilled and unskilled laborer that has to work for an hourly wage for a living. I do not avocate the violent over-throw of the government by force, nor do I threaten any public official. I advocate a philosophy of non-vioence. Peace has never been attained through violence. I firmly believe anyone that is against the public interest is an enemy of the state and you do not have cooperate with the enemy. The following methods of change are: 1-Peaceful Demonstrations 2-Picketing the government for redresses 3-Boycotts 4-Strikes 5-Flyers 6-Town Hall Meetings 7-Cash and Barter Economy 8-Restoring Constitutiional Government. The first things that a totalatarian form of government does is to declare martial law, take away the right to bear arms, confiscate gold and silver as a form of money. When the communist took over in China during the cultural revolution they used the red guard as their enforcers. The first people they got rid of was the intellectuals. I define a totalatarian form of government as and international conspiritorial drive for power, on the part of the men in high places, willing to use any means to bring a bout their desired aid global conquest. What is going to take before the common people wake-up $5.00 to $10.00 dollar a gallon gasoline. If the world oil supply and the flow of oild was ever shut off the economy would collapse. The globalist or the illuminati bankers wan’t to destoy the dollar and all the other major currencies so that they can establish a one world government with a one world currency replacing all the other major currencies with another fiat currency. There objective is to slowly introduce us to a so called paperless money system, using a plastic debit and credit card with a computer chip embeded in it that you swipe on a computer scaner to access you account information, transfer funds, make a transaction, withdraw funds and make deposits. Every time you make a transaction the IRS will have access to your account information and will be able to automatically withdraw funds from your account for income purposes. The next step will to be to embed a computer chip in your right hand or forehead. Step right up! The question is, are you going to accept the mark of the beast?

  4. Nokriinfo January 13, 2011 at 12:21 am - Reply

    Great information is shared.

    Really wars become the source of business for the banks.

    Actually the Zionists play the whole game, previously in world wars, now US economy is also run by their game plane.

    Its lead to destruction of US economy soon. Because US spend much money to survive in Afghanistan. As their economy trend to more deficit.

    • James M Nunes January 13, 2011 at 5:11 am - Reply

      The Zionist are a political organization comprised of Ultra Orthodox relgious extremest. An Iraelite ia a nationality and a Hebrew is a race of people. Most of the people that live in Israel today are not even related to the first century Jews. Most of the people in Israel do not even believe in any religion. Most of the people that believe in Judaism are hiding behind a religious community and masquerading as Hebrews. They are what you call Jewish proselites that have adopted Judaism as their religion. There are two main ethnic groups in Israel today. There is the Kazars which are called Ashkenazi Jews that occupied southern Russia between the Black and Caspian sea and adoped Judaism in 732 AD under the Kazar king and are from the Mongolians and Turks. When they were conquered they migrated to eastern Europe. The second ethnic group is the Sephardic Jews and they are from the middle east and Morroco. They are related to the Hebrews and Arabs. There is even predjuce and discrimination in Irael today against the Sephardic Jews. There are two political groups in Irael today. There is the hardliners and the moderates. The prime minister Ishak Rabin is a hardliner and in my opinion is a dangerous man. You can never achieve peace through violence.

    • James M Nunes January 13, 2011 at 5:16 am - Reply

      I don’t blame the whole Hebrew race of people for the worlds problems. I sincerely believe it is a certain element.

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