War on Health – Gary Null’s documentary exposing the FDA



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  1. Jean Lajoie says:

    Unsupported claim

  2. Ducati Drew says:

    Define unsupported.

  3. Jake Norman says:

    He is an agent if you couldnt tell…..

  4. MrSchmolko says:

    healthy people are not interesting for the pharma-mafia. they sacrifice our health for their profit.

  5. tom raymond says:

    F THE GOVERNMENT, F MONSANTO, pass on this video folks

  6. Profits and Greed kills

  7. Kc Tennant says:

    VACCINES are the WMD's of the FDA & Big Pharma, their gateway to a life time of dependency on medicine…

  8. Kc Tennant says:

    THAT is why They (ZIONISTS) had me arrested on a trumped up charge, meant to intimidate me into silence & destroy my credibility as a heath care provider. Google me; Kenneth Tennant (Domestic Terrorism: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment)…

  9. Robert Kraft says:

    It's not the Food ad Drug Administration.
    It's the Federal Death Administration.

  10. Costen Mango says:

    the FDA is own by the illuminati ,The IMF,The World Bank,Big PHARM  and etc are own by this  secrete society every facet of our lives is being controlled secretly by them- the American government is owned and run by them

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