War Robots Clan battles – illuminati [▲] Vs Exile [℮x℮]


War Robots Clan battles on Shenzhen.
nicely i actually did not want to camp in this one but when i saw Clyde Frog on the Exile Side i altered my mind , i used the complete match inside of long variety Robots just to piss him off lol.
in any case we experienced a trusted back again-line of Furys which aided us fairly nicely in meching out these men , however we would not have won with out the aid from some of my teammates who used the complete match trying to seize beacons that we used time defending.
btw most of my teammates names aren’t displayed appropriately because of my Android Emulator.
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  1. Marck Rs says:

    i hate campers….i start the game 2 mounths ago and i try to deal whit it…. i go whit my 3 griffyns whit orkans rush to the base! as a jedi sometimes win ..some die. u really enjoy camping? i would buy my lancelot …fury is soo boring

  2. que asco maldito camper

  3. i must collect gold to earn lancelot

  4. ZET says:

    Phoenix's behavior contributes to xenophobia and chauvinism. Bet he did not like his videos.

  5. scorpian mk says:

    why illuminati out of all clans?

  6. R. Aya says:

    Hope im there for the next one e*e island3r

  7. engus mar says:

    vc precisa falar

  8. vv gg says:

    Very exciting gameplay. Greetings from Poland.

  9. Omar Haridy says:

    what is the best Raijin or carnage

  10. опять скучное видео.Пособие для раков

  11. have you joined the illuminate clan now?

  12. อย่างโหด

  13. ॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥॥₹₹₹₹₹₹$]$]$$₹₽₽₽₽₽₽&৳৳৳৳₩₩₩₩₩

  14. will u gimme ur channel after u die hehe

  15. Dayum all those furies…. Phoenix, as I have two Griffins (a DB and aphid orkan) and plasma Galahad, I was thinking to get two lancelots (One with orkans and One with Tarans and maybe ancile?) but honestly, if I see you around I give up lol
    I don't want to be meched out like that so… shall I get a lancelot and a Fury /Leo like the ones you've got?
    btw shoot, I would have Never tried to get a Fury/Leo in the latest times… but I'm kinda forced to.
    Waiting for your ansewer.

  16. Mike Steel says:

    Why no fury paint job?

  17. Eltonium 42 says:

    You dislike Clyde Frog?

  18. phoenix you have a paint job for your fury yet?

  19. Haha, if you can't beat them join em, right? I'm happy you used Fury tridents, ;))

    You little camper ;)

  20. Damn furies domination that's a titans match. For those who like to to said campers now you are fixed watched how it's supposed to be done. The fury with trident is a very nice support robot do not underestimate his power. Me also i was in doubt about it in the past now i had one i can say that it is an absolute force of nature. To had a good setup you must balance your hangar with robots which can shoot to 300, 600 and over if you wanna had a good game. By the way nice game Phoenix hope you are doing well.

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