Warcraft 3 – Grubby (Undead) vs Lucifer (Orc) – Lost Temple


Hengest brings you a Warcraft III cast between Grubby (UD) and Lucifer (Orc) on Lost Temple. Let us know if you want to see more in the comments below!


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  1. San dro says:

    I believe in Lucifer having high IQ as one has to be quick thinking and visual to be a really great player. Now comes the question if it was primarily visual or and all round IQ of 148.

  2. All Praise The Mighty Lord NIKORO

  3. is the online community still active? thinking about buying the game

  4. Grey eques says:

    I would get back into this if they made an HD version with cleaned up unit pathing, better hotkey editing, and removed 12 unit group restrictions.

  5. d1kiz says:

    really enjoying your comment

  6. Alphcarus says:

    eyy check out my youtube for epic warcraft 3 custom campaigns

  7. Lucifer Orc? why? he is Undead.

  8. Paul says:

    man people shouldn't commentary if they don't play the game, half the time this guy doesnt know what hes talking about….

  9. That impression of the batriders lol

  10. Hardoczek says:

    while comment is entertaining, it's a shame that narrator isn't clearly experienced with war3 mechanics that much 🙂 good video nonetheless, and players lived up to their fame

  11. Is the Warcraft 3 pro scene still alive?

  12. bat riders say : the ends justify da means , mon

  13. fidd3n says:

    The caster clearly isn't remotely up to date on game mechanics and tactics. He should watch a few of grubby commentaries and then try again.

  14. "he could get a tavren hero
    LOOOL in a map without tavren

  15. Ossory88 says:

    fake! grubby only plays orc

  16. Neji783 says:

    That is not Grubby…

  17. TaBaoHoBa says:

    Damn you suck at warcraft TGN…

  18. Luke Nukem says:

    You mean Serpent Wards, or more accurately from Reign of Chaos, Ancestral Spirits.

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