Warcraft III ALL Cinematics (HQ remastered)


Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (2002) cgi cinematics remastered from Blizzard Collector’s Edition DVD : http://classic.battle.net/war3/ …


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  1. Idk what is better gameplay or movie's, maybe both, its like 100/10

  2. The best part is the final minute. It's such a bittersweet ending for Warcraft 3, seeing how after all the effort, he got to sit on his throne like a statue in middle of the vast Northrend. Before WoW I really thought it was the end of Arthas' story, with the rest of the Scourge dispersing as they were only mindless pieces.

  3. You know who had the right mindset? The scarlet crusade. Purge everyone. 3/4 of this shit could have been avoided

  4. Lena Aalt says:

    It's been years since I last watched WC III's cutscenes.

    I can say only one thing: games today fucking wish they could make a story so gripping.

  5. 14:25 Clint Eastwood had armour just like that and 18:10 is like the ending of fearne gulley :)

  6. sung-gon Kim says:

    지금봐도 잘 만들었다.

  7. Cronosx2008 says:

    is darkenes.arthas the great

  8. When I saw the WoD trailer reenact Grom's sacrifice I literally cried with nostalgia. Now, after playing the WoD I only wanted to play W3…

  9. UNAR .TK says:

    5:08 ………………..

  10. Vlkodlak says:

    @Boulotaur2025 Nice work! What did you use to remaster from 480p (DVD) to 1080p? Is it normat all the artifacts at 23:03 ? Can it be fixed?

  11. Sn0xxi says:

    I guess there will never be such a franchise like Warcraft.

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