WARCRAFT Movie TRAILER # 2 (2016)


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  1. Lil tom says:

    The movie is from the MS DOS game warcraft 1… orcs vs human…so don't expect much yet, but wait for war craft 2 movie which is based on warcraft 2 game where the teenage wizard will become a guardian and replace mediv…. warclock will steal the spellbook from mediv and create a new portal… now introducing a new enemy troops for the orc side the 2 headed giants and dragons…. after warcraft2 comes warcraft 3…now enters arthas and then lich king

  2. robert green says:

    seeing it in 3d worth it?

  3. Martin Adams says:

    I have never played world of warcraft but i have seen gameplay. I believe this movie very accurately represents the world of warcraft universe. The movie was intentionally made to look like it was in game. Overall for what it is I think this was a great story and movie.

  4. I just want to know……..

  5. I don't understand the dubstep comments. The music sounds nothing like dubstep.

  6. el trailer deja mucho que dessear creo que sera u nfracaso

  7. Seen the movie today and hands down a great ass fucking movie.

  8. Alqadri says:

    FOR THE SWARMMMMMmmmm….. eh….my life for the HORDE!

  9. M Azman R says:

    lol one of the scene in this trailer is the very last scene in the movie.


  11. Jack G says:

    A very well animated movie but the story in this movie was just all over the places, I mean messed up. I am sure kids will love it just because they don't really care about the story….

  12. hydro4071 says:

    Anybody knows the sound from 0:20 ?


  14. I saw this movie GREAT! Found out to the end it was about world of Warcraft LOL

  15. xro fre says:

    i'll wait till they made Illidan vs Arthas movie

  16. Joleen146 says:

    Just went to see this movie and loved it. it was as expected, a fun summer movie, not going to win an Oscar but was entertaining. people are being a bit too critical of it, expecting more than they should.

  17. User5973 says:

    Stromiwind Theme is actually in the movie 🙂 Brought a smile to my face. I wish I could've seen Captain Galvanger in the movie. Yes, I know the movie is based on Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and not truly World of Warcraft….calm down. I was intothe Lore long before even WC3 was releded for PC. However, it still would've been nice to see him with the Frostwolf Clan.

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