WARCRAFT Movie Trailer (2016)


Official “Warcraft The Beginning” Movie Trailer 2016 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | US-Start: 17 June 2016 | More http://KinoCheck.de The film portrays the origin …


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  1. Video Games that look incredible graphically sometimes should not be made into movies.

  2. Wow Dota.. great i like it 😀 :D

  3. it's movie good animation

  4. Wait, at 1:40. When Durotan punches the green orc, is that green blood flying out him? I thought orcs were supposed to be black blooded.

  5. Nighato says:

    I'm not watching this unless Leeroy is an easter egg in a fighting scene.

  6. Datuk Rajo says:

    i know that this film will finally ended like The Hobits or The Lord of The Ring -_-

  7. no no no no not this…. nooooooooooooo

  8. 1:55 Alright chums, let's do this. LEERROOOOOOOY JEENNNNKIIINS!!!

  9. King Ragnar yes thx odin god.now we have a nord in warcraft  history ..and sad if enough is not for that ..but its cool for we know how King ragnar is

  10. Kage says:

    That's some crazy pvp!

  11. The Elders Scrolls VI: High Rock confirmed?

  12. Stan Lewis says:

    Good…..How about a Diablo Movie ? ;)

  13. ıt has no meanıng wıthout arthas

  14. SILVER says:

    la mejor pelicula de todas por fin esta , hace años que se viene pidiendo y que saquen todas sus magnificas expanciones y quiza a quienes no le gustaron algunas les guste yo espero todas y tendremos para entretenernos cada ves se hace mas grande el mundo de world of warcraft !

  15. 666 KTA says:

    Who's watched Star Wars the force awakens!!!

  16. Manditoe Mya says:

    That looks Awesome! I always hoped that a Diablo movie would be made! Can't wait…

  17. Aaron Dolney says:

    i am curious how this movie does but frankly i would prefer to see a Starcraft movie.

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