[WARNING] Economic Collapse – HOT USA Crisis 2016 Financial Dollar Crash Coming



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  1. John Quinn says:

    The Interviewer asks sum Damned Good questions…

  2. Pierre Klee says:

    Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

  3. This is an old video that is run out every few years. Pure bullshit from RT. The dollar by the way is solid and just compare the dollar to the ruble.

  4. Jerrid Rains says:

    The 1871 Vatican's corporate separate Constitution in Washington rules USA today. buying everything out and building its corporate power through CIA, dhs, white house, news, GE electric, and federal bank. they began slavery for money gain. Anything goes for gain with them. their priests are in on it.

  5. Jerrid Rains says:

    don't accept their created Sunday mark worship from their Catechism. Accept Gods Seal written by himself in his own Sabbath commandment in his own Law in his ark that will be revealed Against the popes and fallen protestants Sunday law mark by his name in his Catechism.

  6. Jerrid Rains says:

    Russia and China must not join the Vatican's NATO, they must help.

  7. Jerrid Rains says:

    Charles Chinicuys book "Fifty years in the church of Rome" chapter 60.

  8. What did the guest speaker mean when she said the US Citizens tax dollars being transferred to the Vatican Bank? I never heard of such craziness, IS this true??? So while entire US Cities are filing bankruptcy, we are exporting the tax revenues to a church??? Someone explain or post links or something.

  9. ???????????????????????? hold this Bitch

  10. teppie3000 says:

    omg….this is fake!!

  11. Ben quinn says:

    Give them hell … Karen!

  12. I saw this video about a year ago. This is not an April 2016 video.

  13. Check out THE BANKSTER SONG on youtube

  14. Well she keeps referring to the "secret power". She should just come out and say it out right ZIONIST-JEWS! THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CONTROL AND OWN ALL THE CENTRAL BANKS IN THE WORLD!

  15. bille1954 says:

    Wow Sophie is a complete dope…..dumb as they come. Daddy has nothing to do with her getting this job? Right.
    Watching Sophie conduct an interview is painful.

  16. Its the RED SEA PEDESTRIANS she knows it but has not got the balls to say so !


  18. Zeus Man says:

    If the dollar crashes it can easily be fixed. For example 6 minutes of basic energetic output or work equates to one dollar. That sets a minimum wage of 10 dollars per hour. If everyone agrees to using a dollar as a representation for energy based on a common formula than we can print our own money.

  19. "Detroit's municipal taxes are transferred to the U.K. and then to the Vatican's bank", What is this crap? A Bernie Sander's groupie or something.

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