WARNING! Illuminati DECEPTION Coming Soon!



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  2. d00kiebird says:

    Space missionaries?? ARRGH so embarrassed to be a human.

  3. ThisGuy says:

    The entire world is enslaved by a psychotronic computerized mass mind control computer that uses an artificial intelligence to control all life on earth. Since nobody had a choice in being enslaved in a high tech manner that will keep all life on earth enslaved. targeted individuals should be thankful to have been selected to not have to be a high tech slave drone of the future. Had people had a choice between high tech enslavement or death, majority would die. That is why it was done secretly

  4. lemsip says:

    I think that's the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff at the beginning.

  5. yes its the millenium stadium

  6. Great work as usual Jackie – thank you as always 🙂 x

  7. jamnoise72 says:

    Thank you Bro <3 x

  8. Wow!!you should make a full length documentary!!! you were called to do this type of work Jackie!!! Peace n Love!!

  9. I agree this proffessor is a definate insider, I have heard him mock the truther movement about 9-11 and chemtrails and the moon landing, he speaks with a forked tongue and is a spokemen for the NWO, but there again what do we expect he's part of the indoctrination system that is indoctrinated our young, the fact he's a proffessor dosnt mean a thing, he was taught by other warped peoffessors thats how it works

  10. jamnoise72 says:

    So why watch them…? 😀

  11. jamnoise72 says:

    I find your comment a little offensive. I am here to FIGHT the Illuminat/NWO. This video in NO WAY supports any of their agendas. 😀

  12. fooman65 says:

    seriously, they are, they have no more power than me sitting here dicking about on youtube, last year was a big no no with nothing happening, although it could be a ruse to lead us in because we wont believe anything again. Rosin had a point tho with the asteroids, not Elenin, the Russian/Jap/San Fran ones. But a false alien attack, i'll watch it, enjoy it and then go down the pub and talk about it. It's only Bluebeam and can't hurt us.

  13. today i saw exact the same chemtrails formed like an A of the anarchy symbol!

    so they illuminati prolly found out about me watching all the videos and gave me a warning …

  14. Nothing happened? Look up.

  15. Robert Hart says:

    I agree with some of the opinions, but  the part where the alien says we're trying to help humans to do the whatevers, is, come on, look around, big money/government is screwing us the peons over and over while they rape the planet for all it's worth. Wallowing in their perverse  wealth/narcissism at the expense of our future as well as that of future generations.
     We're slaves to 1% of the populace who control everything, one way or another. Personally, I think if aliens thought about contacting us, they would say, what kind of lopsided shitty evolution took place here? The majority of the species is dominated and abused by so few! Lets come back later, much later!

  16. jamnoise72 says:

    This is worth another watch guys from 3:58

  17. There's something in this video ?
    Michio Kaku , is a shill for their false flag . Look at his warnings for the 2012 debacle . Which was thwarted by ?

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