Warning: Solar Proton Event Could Fry Earth


Terrence Aym

Tight-lipped heliologists are studying the sun more intently than they ever have―as if their lives depended on it. And well it may. In fact, everyone’s lives may depend on just what the sun does during the last part of the current solar cycle, a cycle that NASA and the ESA spent the past 5 years warning governments and the people of Earth to prepare for in advance. Few heeded their warnings. Now some solar scientists, studying the history of solar proton event (SPE) mass extinctions see a pattern emerging that leads them to wonder if another such event is building. Most try hard not to think about it too much, although it may be haunting them in tortured dreams.

When the sun killed

As Dr. Paul LaViolette sifted through the data he discovered incredible evidence that a horrific event occurred almost 13,000 years in the past, a period that encompasses the Rancholabrean termination.

Brilliant scientist Dr. Paul LaViolette discovered SPE horror

The sun erupted in a series of super-charged solar proton events that blasted away the Earth’s protective magnetosphere, ionosphere and utterly destroyed the geomagnetic field.

Over a period stretching from decades to centuries, the sun pounded a defenseless Earth again and again with deadly radiation across the spectrum. The solar kill shots centered on North and South America, Siberia and parts of Europe.

Accepted theories now in question

Near the end of the last major Ice Age, known as the Younger Dryas Period, many species of mammals abruptly disappeared. The sudden extinction puzzled scientists for years, and some paleontologists studying the mass extinction event called it the greatest extinction since the death of the dinosaur species.

Although virtually all large mammals were affected, many smaller speciesincluding certain birdswere also decimated.

Over the years theorists have proposed the shocking extinction had its roots in massive meteoric and cometary impacts, or overhunting by paleolithic Man. Yet every theory falls short of a full explanation and each has its flaws.

SPEs and life on Earth

As LaViolette dug deeper more disturbing data emerged: evidence of intense solar activity matching the 200-year de Vries solar cycle period. As Space Daily observes, “This was the smoking gun that indicated that these spurts very likely had a solar cause.” And those “spurts” killed off many species on Earth.

When the sun kills proton streams erupt from photosphere

By analyzing the history of radiocarbon increases, LaViolette determined at least two major and two minor SPEs occurred. Each of these killed lifeor mutated itpredominantly in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in North America.

“Extrapolating upward from that event,” Space Daily notes, “LaViolette estimates that the 12,837 years BP extinction level SPE would have delivered over a two day period a radiation dose of from 3 to more than 6 Sieverts, lethal dose (LD-100) for most mammals being in the range of 3 to 8 Sieverts.

Sun blasting geomagnetic field [Image: NASA]

“The upper range of his estimate is a very conservative projection based on the assumption that the SPE would have been strong enough to overpower the Earth’s protective magnetic field sheath allowing the full intensity of the solar cosmic ray barrage to directly contact the Earth’s atmosphere and induce an intense shower of cosmic ray secondaries.”

Such an intense radioactive blast could very well be the cause behind the total extinction of many types of birds and smaller mammals and even account for the virtual disappearance of all Pleistocene megafauna.

Interstellar cloud invaded the solar system

“He attributes this elevated solar activity to the presence in the solar system of high concentrations of interstellar dust which at that time were being driven inward by a wind of galactic cosmic rays.”

Map of recent global solar proton events

Determined, LaViolette continued digging and found physical evidence that the polar regions completely lost their protective ozone layers and were drenched with cosmic rays and intense ultraviolet radiation for at least several years. Much of that spread downwards to the lower latitudes.

The days the sun ‘burned the Earth

As the proton events built in intensity the climate warmed significantly, super wildfires broke out across North America, and whole regions were destroyed in massive conflagrations.

Meanwhile, hard radiation mercilessley blanketed the upper latitudes on and off over several thousand years resulting in “multiple extinction level episodes.”

If the Northern Hemisphere became such a killing field, how did ancient Man survive it?

The answer lies in LaViolette’s incredible book, Earth Under Fire.

The scientist’s book documents many ancient legends and myths related to the era of the last Ice Age.

LaViolette’s book shares the legends of the SPEs

The misty legends, almost lost in time, describe how the sun once burned the Earth or touched the Earth, and the ancient stories relate how many animals died or turned into strange monsters, and how gigantic fires erupted in the forest lands.

Other legends tell of many humans seeking shelter inside caves or underground when the sun “burst forth in anger.”

Now the danger of an SPE may be rising againand very soon.

The space cloud, the core, and the shrinking sun

Certain markers may signal the approach of a devastating SPE:

1. An interstellar cloud entering the solar system;

2. Disruptions and anomalies in the geomagnetic field;

3. Indications that the Earth’s core is mutating, also affecting the geomagnetic field;

4. Permutations of the polar ozone layers;

5. Solar activity reaching a peak at the end of its 200-year cycle;

6. A measurable uptick of SPE events and indications of intensifying proton streams;

7. The sun about to enter a period when the solar sphere shrinks.

All seven of the indicators are now being met.

A strange energy cloud entered the solar system several years ago mystifying NASA and astrophysicists. [Claim: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event]

Disruptions in the geomagnetic field have been ongoing for more than a decade and a half.

Some geologists believe Earth’s core is mutating. [Earth’s core spinning out of control]

The ozone layers are depleting.

Solar activity is approaching its peak, so much so that NASA and the ESA are warning about a possible devastating loss of technology.

Measurements of the proton stream have revealed upticks.

The sun is expected to shrink more when it enters the Maunder Miniumum after 2013.

If a killer SPE occurs the only protection from it is the one that early Man took: go underground and stay there.

Is this the reason the world’s major countries have been building massive underground cities beneath the earth and inside mountains for almost 50 years?


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7 Responses

  1. Archie1954 says:

    Well rest peacefully knowing that the elite will be safe, the presidents and legislative members will enjoyt their new underground surroundings while the rest of us burn. I just feel so much better knowing that!

  2. Awie Mulder says:

    so is the sun likely to die?

  3. Chaos says:

    The US Army Remote Viewing teams and several civillian remote viewer teams have seen this coming Killshot / CME Event. US Army’s Major Ed Dames (Ret.) explains the events he and other remote viewers have seen in a 40 min. video called “the Killshot” go to http://www.theKillshot.com to watch the video or view it on Youtube.
    The Sun has been the driving force in Earth’s warming and in fact the warming of ALL planets in our Solar system. Global Atmospheric Events are driven by the Sun, some of them so rare or fantastic like Tornadoes in London and Tokyo, massive flooding in Russia and Australia / New Zealand, and a Siberian Winter that reached the Holy Lands. Meanwhile Billions of Fish and Birds are Belly Up in Massive Fatal Events worldwide. The Sun or even Geothermic forces may be at fault in these mass extinctions of Fish and Birds. There are an alarming number of strange Ocean mammal deaths and even land mammals deaths (cattle), that lack an intelligent explanation of the cause. Certain Governments have seen this (A major Solar event) on the Horizon and have built thousands of Bunkers for their Government Elites , Military Brass and Wealthy Upper Class.
    If you are awake and see these warnings, hopefully you have had the time and money to prepare for what is on the Horizon. If you are still asleep to the facts right under your nose, then I say It will be no big loss when you die in your sleep. What will be left of the world as we know it will not mourn the sleepers for a minute.

  4. lt says:

    This may also explain the ancient Sun-worshipping and the Sungod-cult.

  5. lt says:

    Is this the real reason for the secret underground resorts for selected individuals?

    • ozspeaksup says:

      nope..50 years is about how long they have been playing with nukes..the bunkers are for when usa makes a big mistake and literally, all hell breaks loose.of course only the most useless members of society will be the ones to go into them.cos they have the money..
      re the item istelf, a bit skewed.
      the ozone holes are not much to worry about, the sun isnt going to shrink anytime soon, magnetic reversal is likely here and sol. nothing we can bout that one..
      we’d be smarter to stop the morons playing the HAARP with the upper atmosphere quite frankly.
      and a huge Xclass flare will pound out mag field sure, but the effects will be mainly on radio satelite coms and all the electronic gadgetry more than on species per se.
      incoming big rocks would do a lot of damage..
      our system is Moving through another galaxy and has been for a while ie age of aquarius.
      more that, than this interpretation of a dark matter moving in on us.

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