Was This Rapper Nas’ Blood Sacrifice? – Illuminati Music Industry Exposed


In his documentary called ‘ Time Is Illmatic’, Nas said his music career started blowing up after his close friend who was working on music with him, Willie ‘Ill Will’ …


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  1. locksley11 says:

    nsa sold out a long time ago and ill will was one of his sacrifices.

  2. locksley11 says:

    nore was talking about those 3 doors which ive heard about from a 33rd degree mason because he was offered the same thing.

  3. ahmad koran says:

    Exactly nas is real not sell out. i love dude for tht!!!

  4. ahmad koran says:

    i actually named my son after him nasir hakeen moore of course da nasir part lol

  5. Mrs. Tee says:

    Where can I find the documentary plse?

  6. he sacrificed him to rise up. get out the hood. wake up. was it proven who killed him ??and remember they don't leave loose ends.

  7. u people don't want to face the fact that your IDOL sold out. hahah dumb. haha

  8. lono duke says:

    whoever thinks nas walked through the left door has never truly listened to or studied any  his albums and as for selling out he's one of the very few greats that didn't. making sure he stayed true to the very essence of real hip hop

  9. "A legend in the game"

  10. "Won't you wish to follow me……." "My ghetto gospel !!!" "I hunger in my ways" "And the world turns into black, untill the fields of gold, the keys to this young wonderer without the sound of guns" "Lord can you hear me speak ???"

  11. Damn. Not my man Nas. Well, based on the video, it appears he sacrificed his boy. Shit.*

  12. Ms Jaye says:

    N.O.R.E. is full of ? because @ 2:03 when he starts talking about to the left & doors he is clearly making the baphomet sign with his right hand & doing the horns with both pointing fingers ?

  13. Steve Blanco says:

    Why is it that the brothers have sell their souls for fame but no other race has to? F.O.H

    Didn't even give this shit 30 seconds

  14. why do white people care about these chimps and their evil joo music?

  15. Don Ballard says:

    trust me when I tell you this ….there was two people in the documentary that they never mentioned…. I myself and another famous porn actress who I'm not going to mention who were literally standing a few feet away when ILL WILL was killed….what happened that day was NOT A BLOOD SACRIFICE…. it was over money that ILL WILL had owed the guy who killed him …and that's all I'm gonna say ….HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO GET MURDERED OVER MONEY because he was a good brotha….

  16. Mike Davis says:

    All of them are sellouts!Nas wanted to be famous, so he sacrificed his friend!Listen to when he said his friend was orchestrating things for him and he felt like something good was gonna happen,meaning his friend death opened up the doors for him to become famous.And Noreaga still throwing up Illuminati signs,so he must be a puppet.

  17. Went to Nas and Maxwell's concert in NYC this past February….

    what a masonic/occultic mess Nas's set was!!!

  18. killa hilla says:

    I dunno if it's true or not but there's a couple things about Nas that I question like…..why is he now endorsing a liquor considering how strongly he used to be against it and two, he just made a HUGE investment worth hundreds of millions if not a billi or two, in order to do that as a rapper/black man, chances are you must be connected somehow and 3rd….he's always been close to puff whom we all know is an illum scumbag. None of my points proves anything but it definitely should raise questions. Ppl need to quit putting their idols above regular human emotions. They have desires and short comings just like the rest of us.

  19. turk turk says:

    Maybe the death of his friend simply spurred his motivation to make a name for himself. I've seen many people change to the better after losing a loved one, so he probably felt like he needed to make it as a rapper to honour his friend aot

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