WATCH Donald Trump Destroys The Illuminati With The Best Speech You Will Ever See!




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  1. He keeps doing the 6 hand sign. He's definitely one of "them".

  2. Joanne Scott says:

    I know that this man is the president for a reason people need to understand what's going on this time around people so naive and ignorant give him a chance he is the one that's going to save America he doesn't know too much he has to go with his heart and I hope the people that are around him can help him along the way and steer him at the right direction I just would love for him to follow his heart and make good decisions for our country and his family he has so much to lose if he doesn't make it right God bless the United States of America

  3. buizyB says:

    im so confused ?

  4. tigercap100 says:

    awesome! every American should be cheering for joy that he won. And isn't it amazing that the Haiti scam of the Clintons was never reported on by the Msm!?

  5. OMG he mentions the Haiti child abductions and then Goddamn 13:10 he actually called her Hitlery man he has balls

  6. Atif Douich says:

    plan !!!! but forget not 1 thing !!!!! Allah swt is the best of the planners!!!!!!

  7. Atif Douich says:

    you will all die !!!! and then you will be judged by the only and one !!!Allah swt…… ….. try to talk your way out of that !!!! you scum satan worshippers !!! satan is so happy that he will not be alone in HELL !!! Allah o ahlem !!!

  8. Atif Douich says:

    puppets but more people are waking up!!!! we are not all sheeps!!! so keep trying and killing we know your plans illu pedofiels …….and you will feel it when you are in your grave !! thats a promise !!! salaam alikoem satanist !!!!!!

  9. Atif Douich says:

    by the way satan hates you all……just reminder so keep sign in blood and sell your soul !! i feel dont feel sorry for you monsters and you all wil get what you desurve!!!!! MARK MY WORDS

  10. Atif Douich says:

    greetz from antwerp !!!! lost you all are !!! but thats how Allah swt wants it !!!! subhannallah

  11. Flawle5sAbs says:

    im sorry but did you notice him waving the 666 throughout his speech like is controlled or is he just making fun as so many illuminati do the 666 hand signs

  12. Johnny Banda says:

    who are those fabulous boobs in the res dress

  13. God's Coming says:

    Get your souls ready! God is coming…..

  14. CZRXCZR says:

    How much fucking do these guys do with black socks on?

  15. Becky Keeler says:

    And make sure trump you don't pardon her especially after they treated you in the streets

  16. The man behind Donald's left side is wearing an upside-down cross

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