Watch The Driver JFK illuminati killa



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  1. Jonas Fry says:

    youre a stupid cunt. jesus sucks cocks. theres no such place as heaven or hell you fat load. piss off

  2. Found something way more important: #TodaRevoluçãoComeçaComUmaFaísca and #ChangeBrazil, check it, please!

  3. John Blake says:

    Give your life to satan now! He gave you critical thinking and got punished for calling out god on his Bullshit!

    BTW Jesus came back to life as a GOD his sacrifice means nothing!

  4. stefanmuc2k says:

    T'is the season for Poki. Thou shallst go forth and eat chocolate, thus spaketh the lord.

    MumboJumbo 47:11

  5. ofa tupou says:

    Your own words condemns you

  6. ofa tupou says:

    Do you know that Satan the one you worship truly with all of his being and all of his power hates each and every living person that ever walked the earth he only cares about himself and beings that are like him so please think about who you let become open to Jesus is truth

  7. mike hunt says:

    Killing JFK was the last SUCCESSFUL CIA OPERATION

    besides 9-11

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