Watch THIS Before Joining Freemasonry! EVERYTHING EXPOSED!


Let me tell you a story of a man, that reached the highest level of Freemasonry, rubbing elbows with Presidents, Celebrities, Politicians, the “elite”. And why he …


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  1. You obviously aren't a Mason are you? Join a Lodge and learn so you don't sound so stupid!

  2. Val Tito says:


  3. The only reason I watch these kinds of stupid videos is just to scroll down the comments, and find my future brothers defending the masonic honor.

    I like communicating with masons, whereas they speak logic and have patience to enlighten you, and this is the type of guys I want to be around.

  4. Bran Bran says:

    How do you do voiceovers?

  5. jucy nibblets of satanic writ

  6. Free Masonry is corruption and if they worship Satan the creation of God then they are hell bound. Allah is The Lord of Jesus God never let him die on the cross just as the original believers believed before the Roman Council of Nicea scraped all the gospels who knew Jesus like Barnabas, Mary, Thomas, etc and replaced them with gospels of people who never meet or knew Jesus then intertwined their pagan beliefs the the Sun god will come down and die for man's sins. please save yourselves and research what I say and read why Jesus will deny those who call upon him as "my lord" inatthew 7:21. The word lord in the Bible was the translated word for Rabbi that Jews still use today as a form of respect for their religious teachers. please don't join the masonics but become Muslim and help spread the truth before you meet Allah because you won't be sent back from the next life for any second chances this is it you only get 1 shot at it so don't miss

  7. Whenever you become a member of a group or an order that asks a person take an oath to exclude individuals, God/Christ accepts all….they exclude none. These groups are the same as nazism, white supremicist.Their basis is to make you feel superior to all other people.

  8. the are one god .jesus is masanger also mohamed and mosa and……….

  9. drewski west says:

    lol, "their fez's pertain to islam!"
    … that's shriners. not freemasonry. within 2-3minutes if your video you're already incorrect so i highly doubt the rest will be worth listening to. but for the sheer lulz i'll listen to it just to see how far from reality you truly are

  10. There is a channel called A.J out there who is answering some people's questions. Here's mine: Are masons actually satanists and/or against Christianity?

  11. Alan Owen says:

    Unless your in it, you only take the word of a person that has researched and twisted the real truth about Masonic Orders, The Knights Templar. We are Christians

  12. rikkiyah m says:

    Muhammad absolutely testified to the resurrection of Jesus and His forthcoming return. smh. As a pillar of faith, Muslims HAVE TO affirm their belief in all of the prophets and their books…including the Bible.

  13. The amazing thing about people believing that a shyster like lucifer is of any worth other than acting out his ego just proves his deceptive nature rings as true today it has from the beginning,think about it! he has no body therefore no balls therefore no offspring,yet he craves family.You cannot gain intelligence without first having a body to know love tolerance and patience and none of these things can be taught without a physical body and the laws of discipline virtue supplies.There is nothing at all vertuose about the devils children in fact the complete oposite.What a disapointment he will prove to be.

  14. gonfishin077 says:

    but it is ancient. doesn't it go back to Solomons temple.

  15. i find it hard to believe every degree you know what it cost . and he couldnt tell us how much his small amount was, and 33 not going to pick just anyone. big business or politicians or lobbist

  16. bullshit story and so false

  17. KushFire says:

    Lmao that is the most unconvincing story I had ever heard. Honestly Christianity is as much a bs as masonry. Now I feel like both have fallen short to understanding mankind and the human condition. "Only through ignorance do men commit injustice "Socrates. off to study the culmination of all mans progress thus far! Epistemology.

  18. Jesus is Biggest Lie Every Told and The Facts Is Not There White People Told Slaves And Dum Ass White Folks Free White Mason Didnot Found Free Mason

  19. Chris K says:

    This is the story of one mans conversion from the cult of Masonry to the cult of Christianity. Nothing more. It exposes nothing but one mans discomfort with the Masons not recognizing his new found savior, Jesus. Nothing is exposed about masonry. A tiresome and pointless video.

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