Watch: This Is Your Future: Ordering a Pizza In 2015 (NSA Style)


Mac Slavo

As your personal data from hospitals, insurance companies, banks, retailers, phone carriers, traffic records and every other manner of electronic interaction is merged into massive databases, it will soon be possible for not just the government, but companies you patronize on a daily basis to know your most intimate secrets.

Watch This Is Your Future Ordering a Pizza In 2015 (NSA Style)Watch This Is Your Future Ordering a Pizza In 2015 (NSA Style)

All of this information will be used to build detailed profiles of your personal habits and qualifications for certain services. Just as your credit report is used to determine your financial worth and capability, a computer will soon determine what you are or not allowed to do.

It sounds like something out of a science fiction future, but is it really that hard to imagine given the recent revelations that everything you do is being tracked, aggregated, analyzed and archived?

This is your future:


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