Watch this please! ANONYMOUS Illuminati NEW WORLD ORDER Plans For 2016


News from the ANONYMOUS! This is very important to share! TV News is showing more proof! This is TV News! This is real facts. The power of Internet/YouTube …


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  1. ThePeabody01 says:

    The voice makes these things sound much less credible. Like your hiding behind something so you won't be recognized as a fraud.

  2. too garbled to listen to

  3. no wonder most people get sick from food and have allergies.I wonder what chemicals are in the illuminati busters food theirs I'm sure is sage and people can't see that

  4. john clark says:

    this is deffanantly government in descise the rockefellers the rothchild and the builderburg group are very slick dont fall for this garbage they are beta testing everything as we speak

  5. I can't deal with this so fuckin annoying!? couldn't even focus on what ever message you're trying to convey?

  6. doru says:

    So where are the real scenes?

  7. Angel Finley says:

    I understood it just fine.

  8. World Wide. says:

    Anonymous are for the 99%.
    Anons across the world try to spread the truth.
    Some feel that the internet plug will be pulled soon.
    So soak up the information like a sponge.
    It pays to listen,no matter how annoying some feel it sounds,but aninimity is key. True Anonymous dodge and escape many legal agencies everyday. Not many can hak true information,and give it to the world.

  9. Yuki Hotorou says:

    i understood it fine open your ears but seriously was poorly made

  10. tore larsen says:

    I thought the world was suppose to end this week. Blah blah blah blah?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????have a nice day???

  11. gonfishin077 says:

    that super mario bros music is messin this up, Π

  12. If this information is important enough to post then at least make it clear enough to understand.

  13. its not even cool when thry put a girl voice its to soft lol they need a man to sound tough

  14. 20 seconds and gone!

  15. leo Berisha says:

    He at starting talk is a girl

  16. Rick Ball says:

    It's not new info and it is an incredibly annoying presentation!

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