Watch U.S. Soldiers Expose The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed) (2017)


Look at U.S. Troopers Expose The Illuminati (Illuminati Exposed) (2017)

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38 Responses

  1. anon 73 says:

    keep god in your heart , dont let people choose for you , thats all the help i can give

  2. anon 73 says:

    protect your country , not invade others this shit must stop !!!

  3. anon 73 says:

    keep the truth

  4. nematoad says:

    I was taking this seriously until that religious guy complaining about gay marriage.

  5. TheDamsel says:

    The Smith-Mundt Act allows our government to use the media to broadcast propaganda and fake news events with the goal to deceive and thus, scare, the American people into giving up our arms and other constitutional rights. Look it up, Smith-Mundt Act.

  6. N Ferguson says:

    I'm so with these guys,the government uses words like doing your patriotic duty for country much like Hitler did to Germany.People are waking up to these politicians manipulating the American people.These politicians are making profits off of the blood of innocence.We are sacrificing our young men and women in uniform to the military industrial complex.I thank these soldiers for coming forward,you are being heard!

  7. Whoa, I'm subbing and sharing Now

  8. i've had soldiers tell me the truth about things- even high ranked soldiers- i will not say who- to protect them and their identity and their families- but i will say- its all about power money n control- and the govt does not give a fuck about our troops- they're like duck decoys – the best way to put it!

  9. Earth is flat, and wars keep going in circles.

  10. rek nedierf says:

    If those faggs want war they should go fight themselves.

  11. I was in the military and I will just keep quiet on this one. Dead men tell no tales.

  12. nofilternut says:

    People please, learn to love and trust yourself only. Then the world will be a beautiful place. Think about it.

  13. lee Lewis says:

    The cartoon pic on the wall looks like the NWT tower on fire. You watch soon either in New York (somewhere a high tower will get bombed again.

  14. You guys are overthinking this. The US wants oil………. No cult, just money.

  15. Beetle Green says:

    SEE >>> " Over 247 Soldiers Bodies Dumped in Lanfill " ( they were also CAUGHT doing this during the First Gulf War ( invasion ) . Listen carefully ' who ' don't get thrown into landfill like dogshit ( take a guess…). Who are ' they ' . See/listen to ' MyronFagan's speech on the CFR/illuminati ' ( don't get hung up on ' titles ' ), ' MyronFagan's Red Stars Over Hollywood ' . Forget about China and Russia , these countries have ALREADY been screwed by this filthy international mafia hiding behind the NAME of others. SOLARGENERAL. ORG , HOLODOMORINFO. COM

  16. fight back!!! stand against evil men government god Allah will destroy all of them. be patient and stay steady fast and keep praying to God

  17. That soldier is right, Stop paying your taxes.

  18. We need Love and Peace ,please American soldiers don't Comply with what the gov or military want, Don't comply.

  19. J CH says:

    Video in Polish language- New Khazars in Ukraine?- Nowa Chazaria na Ukrainie? about this plan of Khazars- Jews from Izrael- (false jews who got to palestine in 1948 based on UN paper) to kill people in Ukraine & maybe Poland & other Eastern Eeropean countries too, by using Nato- NWO- American Army- so the false Jews- Khazars can move from palestine to Ukraine, etc. They have took almost whole Palestine & killed milions there in 70 years there, so now they want to do same using naive US army soldiers for. Do not get killed for the business of greedy bankers. corporation, so they steal other countries land & wealth & kill civilians for those satanists..mafia….

  20. SMGTTOWN says:

    Rogers needs to take a chill pill and should not have a gun ever! He's the only one talking using god to talk down about gays….wtf does that have to do with men trying to do what they have ALWAYS done. Control and conquer
    News flash this shit is already happening in our country! The enemy of the world is who controls the United States and it's citizens.

  21. fisher of man!!!!!
    good channel check him out ! hes one of these guys in this vid

  22. It is not America, but it's controllers, the same people Pres. Kennedy and co tried to break free from. America isn't a separate entity, America is the muscle of the elite. Get that and you got it.

  23. Veterans should convince the soldiers and men not to go to war.

  24. Love your neighbors is a coverup, that the elite put out. There's no Jesus, but there is a creator all around us. These murderers are going down. Creator will make them surrender.

  25. Cody Fox says:

    bless and thank you for this video.

    would of been much better without the backround music.

    thanks !

  26. Great video real talk !!!

  27. 2:56 , upside-down flag = symbol of distress in the country, as well as more. Look it up. I see it a lot. A$AP Rocky wears it all day.

  28. erica thomas says:

    so all of the dumb blind masses keep voting and putting your president in office they're going to show america just how much they care about us…muthafuckas never take out the time figure it out or try and put 2 and 2 together ya'll just continue to vote and let your president continue to think for yall since everybody love being brainwashed and cant think on their own everybody that keep voting and putting these devil worshipping racist fucks in office when god returns i hope u muthafuckas go down with they ass…..its lazy ass co-dependent blind brainwashed america thats going to be the cause of americas demise….once everybody do wake up its gone be to late and its going to be to late to repent america so stupid no one ever took the time out to actually call bush out on 9/11 he said it was terroist so everybody said it was terroist whatever ya'll white masters tell us everybody believes it right now trump can say the sky is green and yellow everyone going to fight and kill eachhother saying its green knowing fucking well its blue and again whatever your president tells you ya'll believe it….And for u fucking stupid soldiers if its that bad money that cheesy and you know you all are bomb innocent people why dont everybody just leave those countries and never return never apply and tell us whats really going on in the streets and not youtube america been bombing these people for centuries but they terroist? i hope for every country we ever did wrong they come over here and fuck this shit up its our turn now….we got what we asked for america so when shit hit the fan i really hope your government will save u because while yall running for ya'll lives trying save yall families trying to keep them bombs and missels off ya ass like the terroist have been doing for ages your good ole president/goverment is going to be having a feast under ground sipping wine eating grapes having a party while ya'll trying to keep bullets off ya ass good job america i cant wait until those terriost that people calling them come here cause im gone be right on they side to help them tare this muthafucka down and for everybody who been voting for years putting these muthafuckas in office kill they ass kill all these muthafuckas…..The wrath of god is coming and i cant wait….

  29. Best video on YouTube! The troops do not lie! God bless the troops! The troops need to refuse orders and come home! We are fucking other countries with tax payer dollars. These guys are honest and brave people may god bless them

  30. The masses are too "nice"…. that is the problem….

    Oh yeah… look up the etymology of the word nice and you'll see what I mean 😉

    Nice is the perfect word for the masses.

  31. one day the lord will come and judgement shall be pass over the world

  32. fuck the government fuck the illuminate i know the dam usa just wants control of the fucking world fuck the military all they doing is brainwashing us long live our lord and savoir jesus christ

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