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  1. …Geeeee…Mr.Abdullah Where were you ALL THIS TIME.!

  2. Nick Veritas says:

    Of course this Muslim hack says this. They LOVE and WANT war… any war. It is one of their primary tactics besides invasion which we have already seen. The Ottoman Empire will rise again. That will be a sad day for humanity. Catholics and Jews are the same. Guess what, we are gonna have a war…

  3. War on humanity= a war on the human race

  4. Ivan Freely says:

    Pretty rich for this guy to grand stand. He is allowing the US to train IS forces within his country.

  5. when i hear stuff like this, i immediately thing Hunger Games World type scenario, whether it's "terrorism" or "climate change", the theme seems to be "global governing bodies" "global response" Global govt.

  6. bigchickenfu says:

    Albert Pike's wet dream come true !

  7. Bc Canvas says:

    i like him at least he's telling it how it is

  8. Terry Hanks says:

    Yes yes yes!!!! 

  9. Alice Nash says:


  10. Dave T says:

    "facing a third world war on humanity"
    Here comes 1984

  11. 408Magenta says:

    Heh who woke up the midget King of Jordania?? STOP funding mercenaries to kill innocent people. We know who is funding. We know from Mr. Putin the 40 countries that are doing this in Syria. STOP!!

  12. citizen762 says:

    I've always liked that guy. Seems very level headed and thoughtful for a military man.

  13. Mugen 95 says:

    Instead of saying impeach obama here on comments , why Dont we actually do it ? why don't all you guys stand up and get this bitch out of there and kill the shadow gov and kill the corruption and turn our country back to 1776 ? If anyone is willing to start doing something and actually taking our country back, hmu . I got your back

  14. This is all out war wherein the Muslim invaders are committing ethnic cleansing and genocide of Christians and white European's. If the white European's don't take a stand against the Muslim invaders and their traitors in government now it won't end good for them. And, we in America better follow suit in this vain also as these people aren't refugees they are Muslim invaders. And, this is all part of Obama's plan to fundamentally change America. Impeachment proceedings against Obama must start immediately if we're to save America from him and his Muslim brothers. Of course this is all part of the Masonic plan laid out by 33 degree mason Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogma.

  15. At this point People You pull the food and water away from the masses and you have a global PURGE happening. Just like the 2 movies they made huh? Look at the facts good people. 1. they are shuffling all nationalities together which only cause friction to begin with and telling people to like it. 2. With UN mandate being signed for control by the NWO in september, gun sales go unchecked by Obama. In fact every time he talks of it sales skyrocket without being check. why is that hmmmmmm? Borders are still wide open ever sense 9-11 why is that? 3. All these shootings and carnage around the Globe that has been proven nearly 100% STAGED events. why? to show us how its done when the shit hits the Fan of Panic from food and water depletion on the Globe, God they dried up california , a major food basket ayy? they poison all the Pacific.
    My best advice then seek Christ, is to watch both 1&2 movies "PURGE" heck they are made by the very people that are doing all this other crap to us, " know what your adversary is doing"
    Please tell others, for anything so they wont attack you lol wow this F**ked up
    Gods blessings truly

  16. Jack Johnson says:

    They fight muslims casue they know they wont submit to thier World Order the rest will be all forces locally here.

  17. tacy opkins says:

    Idiots ! He means ISIS is threatening humanity ! ISIS is taking a War against humanity ! Stupid Fuckers ! lol


  19. At least he has the guts to be honest, which is more than can be said about all the other countries!!!……

  20. Lisa Loves says:

    Some how he missed the fact that more of the killings are Christians ,I wonder why !?

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