The ending of World War III PPV in 1996.


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  1. From 11:00 on is epic.

  2. The original plan here was to have the World title be somehow vacated after Halloween Havoc and have the battle royal winner be declared champion (like the previous year). Sometime after Fall Brawl, the plan changed for some reason. They had actually planned at one point to somehow vacate the title every single year in time for the WW3 winner to take the belt. Obviously, the change of plans in the fall of '96 effectively ended that plan as well.

  3. B Undelson says:

    Read a full review, here:


  4. cant stand having 3 camera views even tho they are all in one ring

  5. They legit had three rings

  6. KHayes666 says:

    I can tell you exactly why the plan changed….Hogan. Hollywood Hogan NOT the world champion? Surely you jest!

  7. Ken Cork says:

    Lugar- the man !

  8. Ken Cork says:

    LOL…..WWE Classic on demand cut the part when crowd was all chanting LUGER LUGER at…..Vince you pussy, you hate Luger so much

  9. WWF would have never put the spotlight back on Luger in 1995-96. Tagging with Sting against the Road Warriors, doing the War Games matches, this World War 3 finish, and winning the title from Hogan with the Torture Rack really justified Luger walking out on WWF. WCW really gave him some epic moments to shine with during the NWO era. 

  10. Calob Adams says:

    So did WCW and WWF shift wrestlers to each other? Half of these guys were big WWF/E guys, 

  11. I always enjoyed the World War 3 PPV's.. I watched them live. It was a cool alternative to Royal Rumble.

  12. That was f—— awesome by the Giant holding Mysterio up with one hand.

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