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In 1947 the newly created United Nations recommended that most of Palestine be given to newly arrived European Jews. Jewish settlements made up less than …


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  1. Net stands up there with a posture that he thinks he is the ruler. His attitude is that we all should be at his service. That is the very reason,,,,if you can complete that sentence you are an empathetic human. Israel already has insurance from the USA government to come and defend at any need,,,,yet he makes demands that are beyond disrespectful.

  2. henribg1 says:

    amasing shits happening in the world
    i feel so powerless to change something
    i feel so sorry for this poor people that have to face this problems
    i feel so sorry for myself living in this kind of times, ever since i have been born there is a war in the world..
    i feel sorry for the future generation
    sorry for the oceans and the rest of the nature
    so sorry to be human today 🙁
    how the fuck can we change this pattern

  3. mujaku says:

    In 1947 the newly created United Nations voted in favour by 33-13 to give most of Palestine to European Jews. <=== not true. Please correct this error.

    The UN has never had the authority to do such. The UN, in its own words, has no power to "deprive the majority of the people of Palestine of their territory and transfer it to the exclusive use of a minority in the country…. The United Nations Organization has no power to create a new State."

    If the UN has the authority and power to take land from one party and give it to another then my Ute tribe will ask the UN to give much of its land in California and Utah back to the Ute people. LOL

  4. mujaku says:

    6,000,000 Jews killed? Where is the evidence? Hollywood movies? Raul Hilberg, an American professor of Jewish descent and author of the standard reference work, The Destruction of the European Jews (1961) admitted under oath at the trial of Ernst Zündel that there had never been a German plan for the extermination of the Jews. He also had to admit that since 1945 the Allies have never carried out an expert study of "the weapon of the crime," that is to say of a homicidal gas chamber. No autopsy report has established that a single Jewish inmate was ever killed by poison gas. The holocaust is a hoax created by the Zionist Jews to give them moral cover while they commit genocide against the Palestinian people.

  5. Mo inmt says:

    OH BEEBEE! you're an evil bastard!~ NOBODY CARES ANYMORE! YOU ARE BRUTAL, SICK, MANIPULATIVE, GUILT TRIPPING, HOLOCAUST LIARS! Please stay the fuck put of our country and countries! WE are now sucked dry like you desired! WE have nothing left to give. Jews! Go away~!!! LEAVE OUR CHILDREN OUT OF YOUR SICK WARS! They are not for your canon fodder!

  6. m ILYAS says:

    Get the Jews out of Europe. Stop all their financial support and stop buying from their supermarket.

  7. I was really aprehensive about condemning Israel but I look beyond the apparent truth and seek to find the truth and the truth is that ever since Israel was enslaved in Egypt they themselves have become murderers and killed all the prophets sent to them because they are the sons of their father the devil. I am not surprised.

  8. Dont use Alex Jones

    Hes a total Zionist shill

    Whenever he criticizes Israel he literally has to state "I support Israel, and its not all of Israel thats bad." Which is true in a small relative sense, but they are all brainwashed into believing the world hates them arbitrarily.. And that they should fear their lives at all times.. Almost every jew believes that.

    But when he mentions Saudia Arabia he goes "THE SCUMBAG RAPISTS SAUDIS are unleashing terror across the world!!! They control hollywood, the media everything!!!"

    So he amalgamates all Saudis into the category of evil rapists, but in Israel only a tiny few are evil.

  9. Tulsatom Bob says:

    22:05 I like the way David Gergen tells Alex Jones….."That's none of your damn business".
    If that rule is good for him and the elite, then it's good enough for me.
    I'll bet the bastard thinks he's above the law like the rest of his tyrannical buddies. They can spy on us, but you cannot spy on them or ask questions? What the hell happened to the USA?
    The elite seem to forget, we outnumber them by the millions. One day there will be a day of reckoning for the oppressors and psycho tyrants. Mussolini was hung upside down in the streets with piano wire and was beaten and tortured to death.
    It's time to …..Get A Rope!

  10. Western governments have bombed, invaded and destroyed many countries. They have murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children destroying the lives of millions. But the Zionist owned and controlled news/entertainment media focuses mainly on "Islamist Extremists“ and "Muslim Terror Attacks”. Many of these attacks are actually carried out by the Zionist state and its agents in order to generate fear and hatred against Muslims.

    Please See: "The Israeli 9/11 Connection – Israel did 911" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsPIj3qMGLY

    I am not a “Nazi”, I’m not “Anti-Semitic” and I’m not really sure what “Truther” actually means. I don’t care if these criminals are Israelis, Christian Zionists or Saudi Royals, I’m only interested in the truth. And the truth is that the real terrorists are the ruling elite and all supporters of The Zionist State. Don’t let them elicit your support as either a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. These murdering criminals have no religion. They worship only their own greed and occult nationalist corruption.

    So what can we do about it?

    Just know. Knowing is enough, because ignorance, or denial of the truth is complicity in the crime.

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