We Changed Our Minds… AGAIN!!!


SHOP AOF NEW ARRIVALS // https://shopaof.co/collections/new-arrivals GEL NAIL POLISH // http://bit.ly/2bw3QMP ASPYN’S BLOG // http://bit.ly/aspynovard …


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  1. Maartje M says:

    You look so much like your mom in this video!!!

  2. Where's your necklace from aspyn I love it!!


  4. Allison Row says:

    did any other arizonians notice the welcome to az road sign in the back?!

  5. Megan Deorio says:

    Lmao Parker "I only got the essentials–this mini watermelon"

  6. EMMA BAUMAN says:

    you should do a vlog on what to do in slc

  7. I can listen to Aspyn talk all day!

  8. canahata says:

    Aspyn is constantly in work work work mode. She's so driven, its very inspiring. I just hope she doesn't stress herself out too much!

  9. I find it so interesting to watch the behind the scenes aspect of your online store! I do hope the store grows but I love how it is a family business right now ?

  10. Anna 09 says:

    when Aspyn's wearing the same nail colour as you ?

  11. Love your vlogs!! ?

  12. Tabi Murray says:

    Do you guys have a website for the clothes? Love you so much x

  13. Simply Niamh says:

    what r they selling in their store

  14. Denisha H. says:

    Congrats on the online store. I'm super late! Hopefully more sizes down the road, but again congrats!

  15. Amanda Amato says:

    your shop is amazing everything is so cute!!!! can't wait for restock and new stuff

  16. Very proud of you guys for being successful and doing so well! ????

  17. Emilee Mahar says:

    hahaha bean is so cute, my nickname is bean too

  18. Love watching you go through the journey of starting up your business Aspyn! You go girl!!

  19. Aspyn and Parker are always so productive!

  20. Congrats on your new store!

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