WE GOT RAIDED! – Ark World War Part 1/3! – Ark Survival Evolved “The Volcano” PVP #10


WE GOT RAIDED! – Ark World War Part 1/3! – Ark Survival Evolved “The Volcano” PVP #10
Cheap, Reliable Server Hosting: nitra.do/PartiallyRoyal

Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=715028562
Search “PartiallyRoyal” in the Unofficial tab

Click this to join: steam://connect/
This will launch Ark, into my server.

The tribe:
Boomer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0IACgGxcAXV2Zf5zXu3CSg
Gangrell: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNV3fS0HH0pAZlCBC52-Tzw

Second Channel: http://bit.ly/1XUOP8G
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PartiallyRoyal
Instagram: http://instagram.com/partroyal


42 Responses

  1. ScorpionHD6 says:

    Love this series

  2. PrOdIGy FiR3 says:

    What Map Is That?

  3. I will say you are surgical with that bow.

  4. dylan kohair says:

    You guys are awful

  5. TurboGaming says:

    Great video man, it's cool seeing our base when you flew past it haha

  6. MasterVotr says:

    Hi, I love your videos from Ark and Hellion, but I just cannot connect to your Ark server, is it only for your subscribers again?
    Please reply 🙂

  7. Bram says:

    This is just a simple idea, but maybe you should paint each side of your base in a different color, so it is easier to understand what side you are referring to when you are talking to each other

  8. Ommmar03 says:

    Is it just me or Royal has the most entertaining ark episodes

  9. One suggestion pump more weight

  10. One suggestion pump more weight

  11. Gangrell says:

    This was the most action packed 3 hours of ark that I have ever had, parts 2 and 3 were insane.

  12. Royal how does one beat an alpha tribe ? need help ?

  13. Carter Hines says:

    Such good pvp , particallyroyal has a sick shot

  14. aboodaa2012 says:

    So you got raided or your defending

  15. royal what happend to ur cocou

  16. TucK TOWN says:

    did this nigga put a clickbait thumbnail in ark ? lmao

  17. WeBeGolden says:

    Message to Viewer: If have ark for ps4 join server NA CrossArkCluster7-TheIsland and try to join the Red army. In my opinion this the best server in Ark ps4

  18. Same thing is going on in my server

  19. Nick Ritz says:

    holy shit best episode yet can't wait for rest

  20. on your server any base is raidable, all you have to do is rocket the plant x since u don't have turrets u can't defend against it.

  21. Can i come on the server what is the namen

  22. Early!! 117th comment and 16957th viewer ! Btw I love you Royal !! ❤️????

  23. tame a tipejara it will really help out

  24. Kelvin Chong says:

    19:09 that man on the left of the screen?

  25. deathdraco says:


  26. What type of PC does he have?

  27. Ivan Brown says:

    Amazing content I love it ?

  28. Jacobmadsen says:

    Hopp on legacy???

  29. beast mode says:

    you just raped them

  30. david h says:

    how do I get ark survival of the fittest on PC for free??????

  31. Mikel Marku says:

    is there a second part?

  32. how do i play with u??

  33. Tyler Evans says:

    omg more plz u guys r so good at pvp

  34. Aqertis says:

    Wh.. what happened to Reemob 1?

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