We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook – NEW 2015 Documentary


The following video was provided my IndependMediaSolidarity: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwy9W-2m7GunybW-vNiFEtw Original video description: …


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  1. Diane Riley says:

    I don't know 9/11 and Sandy Hook just hit me so hard right now. I was on the phone with my father when the first plane hit. I had to tell him to "shut up and turn on the News. We then watched the 2nd
    Plane hit.

    Several years later , I was on the phone with a good friend who lived near Sandy Hook. I tried to tell her "Get to the ASAP

    I had to move my Dad out of NYC and then fly up to CT. In order to try to convince they to move to my home in PB county.

    All of sudden .. All of this is hitting me very hard. I am the type of person who takes charge…. But ?.. Help 561-267-6865
    Help! Does anyone else need to talk?

  2. Durham Real says:

    Very interesting collection of anomolies, great job. Anyone who watches this in full can not deny Sandy Hook was a Hoax. All those "but what about this and what about that" people, clearly haven't watched this in full. Stop overthinking/overcomplicating and look at the simple information that has kindly been put together by the creators of this documentary. We will never have all the answers but this is more than enough to prove Sandy Hook was a Hoax.

  3. aj wood says:

    No record of Adam Lanza at New Town High? It took me all of five minutes to find him on the 9th grade honor roll… http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Newtown-High-School-honor-roll-54220.php

  4. what's fucked up is ,if anyone cared that sodomite nigger wouldn't still be in the white house and a shit load of people would be in prison if not hung for treason , butt its like THE LORD JESUS CHRIST said people wou l rather believe the lie then the truth .

  5. Juliko 7117 says:

    Yes, your are a 'citizen" FRAUD, real Mediocres ACTORS, and a bunch of Socialists/Communists/Fascists SON of the BITCHES Mother Fuckers.

  6. What I find more troubling than any of the administrative licenses being expired (people do stuff without licenses all the time, and it alone doesn't mean conspiracy – a real reporter would have followed up, visited the site, something) in the case of the "barber" or hair stylist "SKUBA" is that fact that any live human being would come forward and admit to HAVING PRODUCED THAT GODAWFUL HAIRCUT.

    What "stylist" would actually admit to having placed a popcorn bowl over the head of a teenaged boy and cut around the rim?

    I mean, wouldn't they revoke your license for being such an awful "stylist?"

  7. Gerry Winik says:

    the government wants to take guns away. .therefore this was made up to scare society. Take a look at how many mass shootings there were since Obama has been in office.

  8. Gerry Winik says:

    the government wants to take guns away. .therefore this was made up to scare society. Take a look at how many mass shootings there were since Obama has been in office.

  9. benni1023fm says:

    @ 48:40 – Is that really Gene Rosen singing a love song to/about himself?? Sounds exactly like him.

  10. Excellent documentary. I'm glad people aren't giving up on investigating these historical incidents of mass injustice.

  11. Documentary? More like conspiracy theories. :/

  12. At 1:25:30 are those pictures of the actual records? It says the subpoena was served 01/02/13 and the records were received 01/03/12. I assume it was just a typo, I just wanted to point out the inconsistency.

  13. nobby styles says:

    lets get one thing out of the way right now… nurses dont take pictures of their patients because of data protection laws so thats a big fat fuckin lie.
    you might be asked by a patient to do it on their behalf but can you imagine how that would really go down if you were caught photographing babies where you work…. ffs. i wont even go into all the tells in her body language…..

  14. Dammo 1 says:

    WOW! Holy jebus this is Facking crazy!.. Gene Rosen for president

  15. dcchapma1013 says:

    video is unwatchable!!!

  16. let's face it the government does things to hurt and lie to us all the time not saying this is one of them but there's nothing we can do about it

  17. berner says:

    If all these shootings are a conspiracy, has anyone thought that maybe it could be the NRA who've been doing them?

  18. Drakonfly says:

    9 11 was staged by the government. The reason thousands of people died was because the government needed a reason to blame the "terrorists" when in fact the real terrorists were right under our noses this whole time….

  19. All the players in this event ..who obviously lied in order to turn America into a bolshevik sanctuary, ….shame on you…

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