Wearable Tech: The New Wave in Consumer Tech


Most Wanted has noticed an emerging consumer tech trend that is getting us quite excited – the coolest new gadgets are all products you can wear.

With video screen glasses, spray on clothing and t-shirts that act as personal trainers just the tip of the iceberg, the wearable tech revolution is well underway. This latest wave of products is attracting serious attention and with products like Pebble Technology’s e-paper Smartwatch raising over $10 million through Kickstarter.com, they are starting to attract some serious investment too.

The biggest launch on the horizon comes from Google. Its ‘Project Glass’ promises all the features of a smartphone in a pair of slim framed glasses, opening up a whole world of possibilities when connecting on the move. But are consumers ready for Google Glasses?

Well according to our research, around a third of consumers are still undecided on merits of the new technology and only one in six would be ready to buy a pair of glasses from Google if they were available today. Interestingly, around a quarter of men are ready to don a pair Google Glasses versus just one in ten women, with many claiming they would feel self-conscious wearing them.

It would also appear that consumers aren’t ready to fork out the big bucks until the new technology is established. Half of those surveyed would not pay more than £100 for a pair of Google Glasses and only one in six would be prepared to pay more than £200.

Whether you’re sold on the idea of Google Goggles or not, with a myriad of innovate new products on the horizon and major brands like Adidas, Nike and Nokia set to join the party, it seems like wearable tech is here to stay.

Our latest infographic gives the lowdown on hottest new products that could soon be appearing on a body near you.


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