‘Welcome to the NEW Lesbos’: Now Sicily is flooded with 2,000 migrants EVERY DAY


‘Welcome to the NEW Lesbos’: Now Sicily is flooded with 2000 migrants EVERY DAY since the Balkans route shut Sicily is being called ‘the new Lesbos’ as …


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  1. df71091 says:

    what about the Italian mafia?
    they also making profit ?

  2. They all appear to be fighting age men, where are the elderly, women, and chindren?

  3. B0badenvero8 says:

    If anyone still dosen't believe this isn't a deliberate attempt to destroy white western society then you may as well be a member of the flat earth society.

  4. Andybaby says:

    High 5s = "welcome, don't bother respecting any of the laws here, we don't"

  5. mikey83x says:

    We are too nice to subs who would steal the food from our plates

  6. they say that they come here to work…. they can't get a fucking job here, because they're uneducated. most can't even read or write in their own language for fucks sake!!! their average IQ is 75!!!!!!

    All they will do is be leechers for wellfare, and suck up all the taxpayer's money. And when that happens our entire system will crumble, because we're stupid enough to adopt socialism!!!


  7. Europe is Falling Fast

  8. now european women can enjoy the real men

  9. JP Bergstrom says:

    turn these boats around ….Italy don't need these ingrates! wheres that stalwart Gaddafi when you need him…oh you replaced him with the bandits! suck it up then!

  10. These must be the BLACK Syrians /s

  11. Where did they come up with such huge ship? I bet that Soros is the sponsor.
    No females, only males.
    When this shit will stop.

  12. yolanda4445 says:

    time for a live pig patrol ….carry bacon in bags girls for your own safety or bacon bits before they start raping the woman, trashing the streets and burning cars you name they will do it …people.. start pig farming …carry pork with you this will keep you safe
    as these people believe they go to hell if they touch pork..

  13. Pinta Dubbs says:

    Send them all back and build a camp where they can take care of them self. Why use land in europe for storage for these people- Bring military and take land in these f*cked up countrys.

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