Welfare Recipients Receive More Benefits Than Permanently Disabled Combat Vet And Still Not Happy


Right now in America, there are approximately 3.5 million disabled veterans drawing, on average, $1,000 in VA disability. Many of these veterans suffer from permanent disabilities that have greatly reduced their ability to earn an income, if not snuffed that ability out entirely, and many of them do not function as well with regular life skills and capabilities as they did before becoming injured in service to their country.

Welfare Recipients Receive More Benefits Than Permanently Disabled Combat Vet And Still Not Happy

Many of these veterans are missing limbs, have severe back and joint pain and other issues as a result of the heavy body armor they wore in the wars in the Middle East, and an even larger number suffer from invisible wounds, such as P.T.S.D., the root cause in 22 veterans a day taking their own lives in the mass veteran suicide epidemic we are now seeing in America.

However, most of the veterans who suffer from disabilities will tell you that they would proudly serve their country again if given the opportunity.

There is a different group of people in America who are also receiving benefits from the government. However, this group of people have not served their country in war, and even more amazing, they are receiving more in benefits than our disabled combat veterans! And on top of that? They are still complaining and demanding more!

Look at this Facebook comment that has gone viral from one welfare recipient in America who receives more in food aid alone than the average disabled American veteran receives in disability compensation.

Welfare mom number one

We chose to block this individual’s name and picture, but it can be found in dozens of other places all around the internet now that it has gone viral.

And don’t forget to check out the stats on this super-star:

welfare mom number two

So there you have it folks. Brave men and women who put their lives on the line for this great nation and who ended up losing a part of themselves through physical or mental/psychological disabilities, and their ne’er do welling counter parts who have never served, having been getting a free ride regardless, and who are screaming for more.


Kevin E Lake is an Iraq War Veteran and an author. He has published five books. Please visit his store to check out all of his titles by clicking HERE!

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I am one of those permanently disabled veterans. I looked at my VA ratings decisions today and I am at 215% combined disabilities but they only add up to 100%. This means that I am living a life with little quality.
    I agree I knew that I would be placing my life on the line 24/7 and I accepted this responsibility. However when I witness baby factories with multiple ‘baby daddies’ ALL acting irresponsibly. This country FAILS in it’s responsibilities when fathers are not held responsible for their offspring.
    The entire concept of these people claiming entitlement for their irresponsibility is asinine.
    I haven’t been laid in 29 years because of a disability incurred in my early military career. Yet I see these irresponsible casual “fuckers” begetting thug spawn that will grow up on the dole garnered from a redistribution of my wealth. Because I still pay taxes on my retirement.
    At the same time I have family members who also have “pre-existing” conditions and their ACA “O” care turns out to be anything but affordable.
    I was promised by contract that my spouse would be covered medically as long as we live. Yet I have been paying deductibles and fees for 17 years. Now those costs are going up because of Obamacare.
    Breach of Contract. I would have loved to have fathered more children but radiation exposure ended that (and other things) long ago.

    I would love to be able to appreciate free money as well as a full life. Yet our government give as little as possible considering quality of life to our disabled veterans.

    With my earned income I support three families. I have learned to manage my funds properly in order to do so but now it seems I am needing a new vehicle. I wonder how I am going to pull that one out of my butt.

  2. Robert says:

    First, these wars were and are illegal and unconstitutional. Bush started them and Obamanation has continued and increased them. These soldiers knew they had the possibility of being placed in harm’s way. Millions of innocent civilians have been killed (actually murdered) due to our invasions, bombings and drone attacks from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Libya, to Yemen, to Pakistan, et al. We used to called the soldiers in Afghanistan that were defending their nation from the Russians FREEDOM FIGHTERS. But, when we invade and occupy they’re called TERRORISTS! Such hypocrisy! We may not like their culture and customs and their religion (I am opposed to ALL religions), but it is STILL their country…not ours.
    I suggest that ALL corporate welfare as well as all other welfare be ended, but this nation needs to reverse its anti-business philosophy and bring manufacturing BACK to America. IRS and the Fed should be abolished. All we need is a SMALL federal sales tax (like we already pay at the gas pump) that exempts all food/medical costs AND we need to follow Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and allow only the Treasury to issue a value-based currency. As far as the supposed debt WE THE PEOPLE owe the Fed (at interest)…screw ’em. Default on the private cartel sons-a-bitches.
    Stop ALL foreign aid especially to Israel. The Zionist government is an apartheid, racist, paranoid group of men/women that expects their puppet, the US, to fight all their wars. The are land-hungry and want us to attack Iran…a country that has attacked no other nation in over two hundred years and has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (which Israel, with over 800 nuclear weapons refuses to sign) which allows them to develop nuclear energy for electricity and medical isotopes. They have allowed inspectors into their country several times and have proved to them that they are NOT developing nuclear weapons, although, personally, I think they should when faced with the fact that Israel has over 800 and continues to build more. Israel REFUSES to allow NNPT into their nuclear factory at Dimona.

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