We’re DOOMED: Full On War In Israel, 2nd Great Depression Looms, Inflation Fears Are Growing, A Bank Run Is Imminent, Inevitable Civil War, Secession Movement Explodes, And Obama Is Building His Own Massive Civilian National Security Force! GET PREPARED!!!

Full On War In Israel

US Warns Citizens in Israel as Gaza War 

So much for yesterday’s relative calm in the Gaza Strip.

Just one day after reports Israel was considering the resumption of attacks as well as assassinations, Israel assassinated the top military commander in the Gaza Strip, and launched several other attacks killing multiple Palestinians and sparking rounds of retaliation fire that have the strip on the brink of war.

The United States is advising citizens inside southern Israel to “take appropriate measures” as the fighting escalates, and has ordered embassy personnel to take shelter and curb all non-essential travel to the southern part of the nation.

State Department sides with Israel in new Hamas war

“We strongly condemn the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel, and we regret the death and injury of innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians caused by the ensuing violence,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement. ”There is no justification for the violence that Hamas and other terrorist organizations are employing against the people of Israel. We call on those responsible to stop these cowardly acts immediately. We support Israel’s right to defend itself, and we encourage Israel to continue to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties.”

Wikipedia: Israel–United States military relations

Here Are Some Of The Most Recent Developments

Is Israel Leading The U.S. Into War?

Is Israel leading the U.S. into war? A retired top former Israeli general seems to think that perception could, if the U.S. goes to war with Iran, do damage to the Israeli-American relationship. “What I am mainly concerned of is a scenario where the United states is dragged into a war with Iran and the perception in the United States is that Israel dragged it into this war,” said Israeli Brig. Gen. (ret.) Shlomo Brom at a Friday event at the Center For American Progress (where I used to work) in Washington.

It’s hard not to see why Americans might have this perception: for months now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led a very public campaign to push the U.S. to shift its trigger for war on Iran to a nuclear weapon “capability.” Capability is ill-defined, but this much seems clear: it is a lower threshold for war than Iranian weapons production, where the Obama administration has its red line.

Israel Launches Full-Scale Military Offensive in Gaza “Pillar of Defense” after Drones Assassinate Hamas Chief of Staff. HAMAS: STRIKE ‘OPENED THE GATES OF HELL’…. Top Hamas Commander Killed In The Air Strike

2nd Great Depression looms: Morici: Tax Hikes on Rich Won’t Solve Fiscal Woes, Depression Possible

The Obama administration’s plans to hike taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of the population will do little to solve the country’s fiscal imbalances and do nothing to avoid economic depression that looms large for the economy, said Peter Morici, a professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

One solution championed by congressional Democrats and the White House involves allowing tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans to help narrow deficits.

“To avert calamity, President Obama and House Republicans likely will compromise to raise taxes on high-income Americans by $100 billion to $150 billion, curb spending an equal amount and renew the Bush tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000,” Morici wrote.

“This will hardly be enough to right the nation’s shaky finances.”

Failure to address deep-rooted fiscal imbalances could seriously damage the U.S. economy.

“A second Great Depression would grip the nation,” Morici wrote.

New Census Measure Shows Record 49.7 Million Poor in US 
Robert Kagan: Fiscal Crisis Puts Our National Security at Risk 

Inflation Fears Are Growing

The vast majority of Americans are now worried about this

Most Americans are worried inflation may be just around the corner, according to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports commissioned in the days after the election.

Overall, 76% of those polled said they are concerned about inflation. Of that number, 48% said they were “very concerned.”

Groceries seem to be a bellwether indicator of inflation for many Americans, as 83% of those surveyed said they paid more for groceries this year and 64% are convinced prices will continue to increase over the next year.

Among the 1,000 Americans polled…

US Bank Run Dead Ahead? FDIC Expanded Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st

by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors:

With the media fixated on the fiscal cliff, no one seems to be noticing the fact that the FDIC’s expanded 100% coverage for insured deposits ends January 1st, 2013.

As of January 2013 the FDIC stops offering 100% coverage for all insured deposits.  That amounts to $1.6 trillion in deposits, 85-90% deposited with the TBTF mega banks.  Once the insurance ramps back to $250,000 the FDIC risk amelioration offered to large depositors will cause them to flee from the insecurity of the much reduced FDIC coverage.  This money will rotate immediately into short term Treasury securities.  The treasury, in order to handle this flood of money, will immediately offer negative interest rates.  This financing will resemble the .5% negative interest rate offered by the Swiss and Germans on the funds flooding to their banks from Spain, Greece and Italy.

This will be a bank run much larger than the Euro banks flight to safety


Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable?

It will take nothing short of Divine Intervention or civil war to save America

by Eirk Rush, CFP

So… Barack Obama won re-election to the office of President of the United States, and Republican challenger Mitt Romney has slipped into obscurity faster than any candidate I’ve ever seen. Aside from futile, quasi-navel gazing posturing on the part of Congress over the “fiscal cliff” upon which the American economy is perched, news coverage since the election has been rife with diversion and non-issues.

We’re already sick of hearing autopsies of the Romney campaign. Suffice it to say that there is a host of reasons that Romney should not have been the GOP nominee, and that he could have run his campaign better. For years, conservatives have been driving home the point that when the Republican Party wants to win, it should advance conservative candidates, which Romney was most assuredly not. They have also rightly pointed out that Romney did not run on any of the party base’s core principles, thus failing to provide a distinction between him and Obama.



from dailycaller:

Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration.

By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.

A petition from Vermont, where talk of secession is a regular feature of political life, was the final entry.

Petitions from AlabamaFloridaGeorgiaLouisianaNorth CarolinaTennessee and Texas residents have accrued at least 25,000 signatures, the number the Obama administration says it will reward with a staff review of online proposals. (RELATED: Will Texas secede? Petition triggers White House review)

from Fabian4Liberty:



HE’S NOT JOKING: Obama Is Building His Own Massive Civilian National Security Force!


America’s brownshirts – Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth

Whiteout Press
Sun, 07 Oct 2012 00:00 CDT

On September 13, 2012, the Dept of Homeland Security graduated its first class of FEMA Corps youth, aka the Homeland Youth.

Vicksburg. The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930?s Germany. Regardless of their name, the Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country.

On September 13, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security graduated its first class of FEMA Corps first-responders. While the idea of having a volunteer force of tens of thousands of volunteers scattered across the country to aid in times of natural disasters sounds great, the details and timing of this new government army is somewhat curious, if not disturbing.

Aw, cute: Obama’s civilian army (FEMACorps) just graduated it’s first class

Remember when Barack Obama asked for a civilian defence force as strong and well funded as the U.S. military? Well, here’s Obama’s first graduating class of FEMACorps workers. The kid in the video sums up pretty well how disturbing this is when he says ‘we don’t really know what our job is’ while adding that he’ll go wherever the government sends him. Nothing like a little brownshirt army to have at your beckon call.

“You remember, how long was it, how long ago was it that I said that AmeriCorps is going to be working with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA and it’s not going to be a good thing?  Remember they mocked me for that?” Glenn asked Stu on radio this morning.

The prediction was prompted by Obama saying, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”






Here’s an interesting clip:


“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”


McGrath: There Is a Disaster Coming. Get Ready For It.

from shtfplan:

Do you think the government will be there for you in the middle of a crisis?

If they can’t handle the emergency response after a Category 1 hurricane, what will this country look like when the economic and fiscal crisis comes to a head?

What happens if the US dollar comes under attack from foreign creditors who choose to no longer accept it in trade? How will we as a nation import oil and food in such a scenario?

What if monetary easing by the Federal Reserve causes price increases so drastic that current employee wages or nutritional assistance allotments provide only a couple of days worth of food?

What if states and local municipalities are so broke that they withhold pay from government employees like police officers and emergency medical responders?

We’re talking about the potential for an absolute credit freeze that will make the situation in New York spread across this country almost overnight.

Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself?

If you cannot answer that question with the affirmative it is time to stop just listening to alternative media and thinking of it as entertainment, but taking the advice seriously and considering if you have a plan to take care of yourself and loved ones if the situation arises.

Because if you look around this world, if you look at the mainstream media, they’re forewarning you about what’s coming.

There is a disaster coming. Get ready for it. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for what is coming.

From Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News

Martin A. Armstrong – USA Has Peaked as did Britain in 1914 & The Sun is Setting Rapidly on the American Empire

Americans are now just economic slaves – property of the state no matter where they reside. Americans are being forced to resign citizenship just to survive.



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    “We strongly condemn the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel, and we regret the death and injury of innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians caused by the ensuing violence,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement. ”There is no justification for the violence that Hamas and other terrorist organizations are employing against the people of Israel.”

    Really? REALLY?!!!! You don’t call doing what Isntreal has done to the Palestinians for decades justification? You Mark Toner are a class A dumbass. And who is this “we” garbage? If you are speaking on behalf of the People, you can count me right the hell out. The only regret I have is that Hitler didn’t finish the job when he had the chance.

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      Max Igan, an Australian researcher claims that Israelis dressed like Arabs shoot rockets into Israeli farmland, so that the Israeli Air Force can blast Gaza residents with their missiles from their F16s as “retaliation.”

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        That is VERY Possible. Deception has been used in warfare for thousands of years. But Keep in mind This Idea is TOO DIFFICULT of a concept for most of these Liberal Cocksuckers on here to comprehend.

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      The Jews are the Parasitic Cancer that Not Only Kills the HOST but also brings about their own destruction, all the while blaming it on someone else. This Cancer believes that it is “God’s Chosen People” doing God’s work, but really it is destroying it’s own enviroment that it feeds off of. So Hitler may be gone , but the Jews worst Enemies are themselves, because they cannot leave people alone. They have to infiltrate and take over banks and Governments. They have to latch on to whole cultures as massive tapeworms and bleed those cultures to extinction. As Cunning as the Cancer may be , they don’t realize that they are killing the HOST, therefore killing themselves. Hitlers work will continue to be done today thanks to the Jew’s desire of Zionist Global Domination that brings more nations into battle with the so called “Chosen People”.

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